How to Earn Money Selling on Etsy: Getting Started

Do you want to know how to earn money selling on Etsy? Do you knit, paint, make candles, jewelry, soaps or create anything handmade? If you are talented when it comes to handmade things, you can earn money selling on Etsy. You may be familiar with Etsy already or you may be a total newbie to the sit, but you can still earn money selling unique things that you make.

Maybe you have only crafted as a hobby, but having your own Etsy shop can turn your hobby into a business. Most people who have an Etsy shop open it because they love what they are making or designing. Are you ready to take on this venture?

Do you enjoy making hand crafted items? Want to make your hobby a business? Take a look at how to earn money selling on etsy!

So, what are you going to sell? Consider what you are good at, or what you enjoy most. If your Etsy shop does well you will be working on these items a lot so you want it to be something that is both enjoyable and profitable. The people who I have seen are most successful offer a unique item. Once you have figured out the item or items you want to sell using Etsy than you can get you shop created. Here are 5 tips on how to earn money selling on Etsy.


How to Earn Money Selling on Etsy:

1. Set up your account and shop. Create a name that pertains to what you do. Choose wisely because you can’t change the name once it’s saved.

2. Begin building your inventory. If you have a ton of items already made, don’t list them all at once. Put up a few to start and then add one or two items each day.

3. When listing your items make sure to use a great photo and a detailed listing. The customer needs a clear picture of what they are getting. Your photo and description should tell them exactly what they are purchasing.

4. Set up a Paypal account if you don’t have one already. This is mostly how your customer’s will pay you and how you will receive your earnings.

5. Create social media pages for your shop. Start with a Facebook page and once you are comfortable promoting your shop on Facebook, move on to Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Try to build a relationship with your potential customer base. Don’t just post; engage with the people that like your page. Find out what they like and what they want. Show them that you are interested in getting to know them. You really need to make a personal connection.

Do you enjoy making hand crafted items? Want to make your hobby a business? Take a look at how to earn money selling on etsy!

Signing up as a seller on Etsy is free but there is a fee for listing and Etsy will collect a percentage of the sale. Here is a step by step guide on how to list your item when you are ready. Take the time to be different and correctly setup your listings with awesome photos and a catchy description.

Before you jump right into this consider all aspects that are involved. Think about how much time it will take to craft your item, list your item {photographs, descriptions, links, pricing, etc.}. There is a lot more work that just creating the physical items that you are selling.

Can your Etsy shop be profitable? Well, that depends on your profit margin and the quantity you sell. You can check out this ongoing discussion thread that displays what some shop owners make. A lot of the people in this thread say that the money they make is equivalent to having a side job and it is not enough to live off of.

You can now start earning money on Etsy. Get your name out there on social media and you will begin to make sales and your shop will begin to grow. Do not expect to make a whole lot of money overnight. It takes time, so be patient and dedicated. Start with these 5 tips on how to earn money selling on Etsy and do not give up!

Do you enjoy making hand crafted items? Want to make your hobby a business? Take a look at how to earn money selling on etsy!


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  1. Thanks for the great article! It is really helpful to set up your store. I have to admit I thought it was easier to be be discovered on etsy and to become a successful seller but it always helps a lot to get some advice!

    Thanks !!

  2. So you HAVE to open a shop on etsy or can you sell individual items like on eBay? I had understood that etsy fees were high but I read recently that they only charge a 20¢ listing fee per item and then something like 3.5% of the selling price….is that in the ballpark? Is there a monthly fee for a “shop” on their site? Thank you for all the info!

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