Easy Ways To Save Money On Baby Food

Are you looking for easy ways to save money on baby food? Everyone knows how expensive a baby can be especially when they start to eat food. Even though they do not eat a lot in the beginning it starts to add up quickly just like all of their other expenses. Once your baby is eating 3 meals a day you will realize that saving money on their food will quickly become a priority. Here are our easy ways to save money on baby food.

Easy Ways To Save Money On Baby Food

Easy Ways To Save Money: Baby Food

Make Your Own Baby Food

Not only is this a great way to save money, but it allows you to make the best possible food for your child. Making your own food is an easy way to save money because you can incorporate your baby into the meals you are already making. The average price of a jar of baby food is anywhere between $0.40 – $1.15 depending on brand {prices may vary depending on where you live}. There are a variety of ways that you can make your own food: Baby Bullet, Food Processor, Blender, Steam the food or even use your crockpot.

If you choose to make your own baby food you can even freeze it so that you can plan out your child’s meals for the entire week. The price per serving is much cheaper than purchasing it at your local store.

Use Coupons

You can find baby coupons to help you save money on baby food. Some places to find these coupons include: Online coupons, in your local newspaper, in the mail, Target printable coupons and a variety of other places. Make sure you take a look at your stores’ coupon policy because many stores, like Target, will allow you to use 1store coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon per item. This will increase your savings.

It is best to use your baby food coupons when your local store is having a sale. This will maximize your savings because you can purchase the baby food at a discounted price plus use your coupons. I always recommend buying more when it is on sale this way you do not run out and have to pay full price.


Buy In Bulk

Buying larger quantities of baby food will help to save you money rather than purchasing the individual jars. You will be spending more money on the initial purchase but if you figure out your cost to savings then you will see it is lowering your total cost in the long-run. Your savings will definitely add up over the months that you are serving your baby pureed foods.


Amazon or Other Online Retailers

Not only will purchasing baby food online be convenient but many online retailers will offer a discount if you spend X amount of money. If you are not an Amazon Mom I highly suggest looking into their program. With Amazon you pay a one time yearly fee but you get Free 2-day shipping on prime orders and save money using their subscription service. You can also go through sites like Ebates to get cash back on your orders.

Shop Smart

Pay attention to which stores sell baby food at the lowest prices. Check your local stores’ weekly ads to see is offering a discount or sale on their baby food before you go shopping. Check manufacturer sites to see if they offer discount programs or get rewards like Pampers Gifts To Grow.


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