Easy Ways to Save Money on ATM Fees

A few dollars here and there for withdrawing cash does not seem like a big deal, but it adds up fast. Today, I wanted to share with you a few easy ways to save money on ATM fees.


Are you fed up with paying ATM fees? The amount of money wasted on surcharges can quickly add up. Read these easy ways to save money on ATM fees and keep you money in your bank!

As a busy mom of three boys, I am always looking for an easier or faster way of doing pretty much anything. But, all of those convenience items add up quickly. You may not even realize how much they can effect your budget.

Think of all the quick trips you make to the store, or the items you purchase to save yourself time. It is hard finding a balance between time and money.

With the increased fees of using ATM’s, the average person spends upwards of $3-$4 per withdrawal. Even if you only take out money one time a week it accumulates to more than $200 per year. Imagine the total costs if you withdrew money several times a week.

If you use the ATM machine on a regular basis, and you don’t pay any attention to the fees that you’re charged, you could quickly rack up a large amount of money spent just for using that friendly little machine.

Not only do you have to worry about having the funds to withdraw from your account, but now you have to make sure you are not wasting it by trying to take the money out.

I used to never pay attention to these fees. If I needed to get cash out I would not even think twice about it. Until, one month I noticed that I had spent over $40 just on ATM fees! That is a lot of money to just waste on a fee for having access to my own money.

At that moment, I decided to pay attention to these fees and make changes to prevent myself from losing a significant amount of money each month.

Sometimes using an ATM is unavoidable. This is especially true if you are traveling or incur unexpected expenses. So, to help prevent you from wasting your hard earned cash, I have made a list of a few easy ways to save money with those pesky fees.

Easy Ways to Save Money on ATM fees:

Surcharge free ATM machines – Maybe I am way behind on knowing this, but there are a lot of stores who have no fees for withdrawing from the machine at their store.

I found this site that lets you put in your zip code and it will pull up all of the locations that offer surcharge free ATM machines. When I typed in my zip I was shocked to find more than 25 stores within 5 miles from me that offer no fee to withdraw cash.

There is even a mobile app that you can download and use to find local ATM’s that are surcharge free.


Have an account at a bank with several local ATM’s – You do not incur any costs when you use your own bank’s ATM machines, so figure out where all of the local ATMs are for your bank. Are there any close to your home or work? Plan ahead to avoid having to pay a surcharge.

So, if you know you need some cash and you’re passing by your bank, stop in and use the ATM machine to help save yourself $4 per transaction by stopping at another location.


Use a bank that waives ATM fees – Our bank will waive a particular amount of ATM fees each month. Inquire with your bank to see if this is an option they offer. You may be eligible to be reimbursed for some fees.


Get cash back – When you are out shopping, opt to get cash back instead of withdrawing from an ATM. This is an easy way to save money while you are already out. My local grocery store will allow you to get up to $50 cash back.


Plan Withdrawals – Try to plan ahead and figure out the amount you will need for the entire week. This will minimize the amount of fees you would receive. Be careful doing this method though because you do not want to spend it just because you have it sitting in your wallet.

I know it is really tempting to spend cash when I have it.

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Compare fees – If you do have to take money out of an ATM always keep in mind the ones that have the smallest fees. There are a few around us that charge upwards of $6 per withdrawal so we know to avoid them. If you have to, choose the one with the smallest fee without having to drive across town.


ATM fees are one of those things that can end up costing a small fortune at the end of a year, but they don’t have to if you plan ahead and use these tips. Do you any any other tricks or easy ways to save money on ATM fees?


Are you fed up with paying ATM fees? The amount of money wasted on surcharges can quickly add up. Read these easy ways to save money on ATM fees and keep you money in your bank!

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  1. Just a note about surcharge free (and I’m sorry if someone already said this). I went to a surcharge free ATM at a Sheetz near me and found out that even though the PNC Bank did not charge me, my own bank charged me!!! I was surprised by this $3 charge, so be careful.

    Thanks for the tips. My credit union reimburses us each month for fees, but I used a different card this time. Live and learn.

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