Embarrassing Mom Confession: I Skip Pages During Story Time


Do you have an embarrassing mom confession? We would love to share your confession with our readers. Motherhood can be challenging, rewarding and embarrassing at times. Below you will read about a mommy moment that I am not proud about. You can also read about another embarrassing mom confession about when I Peed In A Diaper.

Embarrassing Mom Confession: I Skip Pages During Story Time

Mom Confession: I Skip Pages During Story Time

This is definitely not something I am proud of doing. I know as soon as my boys are old enough to read I will not be able to do this, but sometimes I am exhausted and really want to get done quickly. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE sharing that time with my kids and reading before bedtime, but it always seems to be the same books.

I am sure most mothers out their can relate when I say that my boys have me read the same books over and over and over and over again! I honestly can recite WORD for WORD some of the books that we read before bed. So, when we are sitting in bed and I am reading the SAME book for the tenth time in a row, I may skip a page, or two… or three. What they don’t know cant hurt them, right? I do believe reading to you children at a young age has long-term educational benefits not to mention the important quality time we get to spend together while reading. It is just hard sometimes to read my kids books that are extremely LONG for children’s books.


“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.”  -Author Unknown


Please tell me there are other parents out there that sometimes do the same? We would love to hear about some of your mom confessions to share with our readers. If you have an embarrassing mom moment or mom confession, please share in the comments below.



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