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This article was written by a Frugal Fanatic reader: Trisha from Doylesburg, Pa. Thanks for the great savings tips Trisha!




We all know that lately with the Economy dropping and the prices rising that it is an IMPORTANT fact that everyone is looking forward to saving money on everyday products that are a necessity to the family household. I have recently found a cure to people spending money on the same product and paying more, but getting less.

For example toilet paper, if you perhaps go to Wal-Mart and are looking at the toilet paper, there are many different names or brands. So, which kind do you choose for a good value and good product? Instead of buying the CHEAPEST toilet paper I go with the kind that has more on it and works the same. If you can squeeze the roll and it goes flat it isn’t worth the deal, but if you squeeze it and it pretty much stays as is, then go with that. I supply the house with Scott bathroom tissue, because it last way longer than normal brands on my opinion. I’m not telling you to run and buy Scott bathroom tissue, but I’m suggesting that you calculate what you are getting before you pay money for something that doesn’t last. The same thing goes for paper towels, because who doesn’t need paper towels in the house right?

Some quick saving facts are:

  • Go into the store with a budget and a list. Everyone is guilty of impulse buying; you see something and must have it. If you keep your mind focused on the items that your wanting/needing to buy then you will save money.
  •  Buying in bulk instead of one thing here and there. If you buy in bulk, yes it doesn’t change the price, but it saves the price the same as it is this time and not some other time. Yes buying in bulk can be sometimes risky, but if you are in it to win it; you will defiantly win!
  • Set some money back after a week. If you are always concerned about how things are going in your house and you are worried that every time you get your hands on money you spend it, then set some back at the end of each week. Yes we all know it is hard, but I know that everyone can do it. By the end of 2 or 3 weeks you will have the money that you didn’t spend on yourself.
  • Eating at home instead of out all the time. (I am defiantly guilty of this one)Yes we all like to go out to the restaurant, but sometimes too much of a good thing turns to a bad thing. Eating out is expensive and isn’t healthy for your everyday diet. Just think every time you buy a drink at the store, example coffee, it cost 20!!! Times more than it does when you make it at the house. Yes you didn’t have to make it, but was it worth the money that you spent on it?
  • Carry a calculator with you at almost all times. We all know that there are times that you need a calculator to figure up sums and compare item to item. So carry a calculator with you. Use a cell phone (Most people have those), or use something that has accessories on them with a calculator. It is vital at these times to save money.

We all know that the times are tough, but what we don’t know is that there are ways to save money for everyday items. I hope that everyone found this useful. Save money and live life to the fullest!!!


Thanks Again Trisha!


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