5 Ways to Add An Extra $100 Per Month to Your Income

There are so many different ways to earn an extra $100 per month to your income. Some of the ideas below are super easy suggestions that are tried and true, and very simple to manage.

Adding a bit of extra money into your income can make a huge difference over the course of a short time period.

Just $100 a month is enough to put a down payment on a vehicle in one year, or even pay off a small debt or two.

5 Ways To Add An Extra $100 Per Month

Find out how you can add an extra $100 per month to your income. These 5 ways will help you to earn some extra money every single month.

It’s the ideal amount for a vacation fund, and can often be just enough to buy a new appliance or two for home upgrades.

If you have been around my site then you know how I am a firm believer in budgeting. It can help you to see the big picture of your financial situation so that you can build your emergency fund and get out of debt.

Adding just an extra $100 per month can have a big impact on your budget and savings account.

Keep in mind that not all of these suggestions may fit your lifestyle or goals. The important part is to figure out what works best for you. This may mean trying different options and really think outside of the box, but if you set your mind to it you really can add an extra $100 per month pretty easily.

If you aren’t interested in the 5 ways listed below then check out the list at the bottom for more ideas.

While each of these ideas can easily create more than $100 a month to add to your bottom line, they can also be just what you need to manage a few extra bucks a week in a small amount of time.

The idea is to find things you can truly manage to make happen without feeling like you are working your fingers to the bone for pennies.

Work for tips just 1-2 days per month.

The service industry is one of the best places to make money fast. While most servers, valets, and even drivers make less money than a regular service industry job may bring in per hour, they can easily make fast cash in prime seasons.

While most restaurants prefer to hire servers who can work at least a few hours every week, you can often find smaller restaurants or coffee shops that are willing to hire you on for just a few days each month.

This can help them have a bit of flexibility in their schedule for regular full-time employees, and makes it easy for you to maintain a less difficult schedule. You’ll find that hotels and event centers are more likely to hire you on for a valet position for select events or days. Whatever job or task you take on that is commonly paid in tips or that commonly receives tips, you’ll find that location and timing are the most important part of determining how much you can make.

When I was in college I worked for a temp service that would hire me to be a server at catering events. I would work one or two weekends a month and earn a lot of money in tips serving at various type of occasions. Even though I only would put in maybe 10 hours per month I added way more than $100 to my monthly income.

There are a lot of things to consider when taking on a job that pays in tips. You have to account for your own taxes and will need to keep good notes for tax purposes. You’ll also find there are seasons and times of the week that are busier and some that are relatively slow.

How you utilize these times to your benefit depends upon your individual needs.  For someone who wants to make extra money in a low pressure situation, choosing to work during slow periods is great. For someone focused on making the most in the shortest amount of time, taking on a busier time is best.

Pet sit for 1-2 pet owners.

For most families, pets are as important as any other member of the family unit.  That means that daily checks, making sure they are exercised and fed may be something a owner is willing to pay you to do in your spare time.

A pet sitter or even a dog walker can be someone who goes by an owners home daily while they are away on vacation and makes sure their pet is fed, watered, taken for walks, or played with for a set amount of time each day.

It can also be someone who goes by 1-2 times per day during workdays and checks in on pets for owners that work too far away from home to stop in themselves throughout the day.

To get a job as a pet sitter, you can begin by checking with your friends and family in the local area.

Starting in your own circle of friends offering services is ideal for helping you create a client base and testimonial.

You can then put out fliers on local bulletin boards, hand out business cards to individuals in the local dog park, or even talk to your local veterinarian clinic or groomers to ask them for referrals if you have a good relationship with their staff.

Sell 20 gigs on Fiverr.

This is one that has become increasingly popular in the world of freelance over the last few years.

Fiverr is a great website that allows anyone to set up an online shop selling their services.  Each gig is priced at $5 with the option of adding on additional bonus items or features to increase the cost of the gig.

You have to begin slowly and acquire a good rating with positive reviews to really get started making money here, but even someone brand new to Fiverr can acquire a handful of gigs each month.

Within a few months time, you’ll easily be able to sell at minimum 20 gigs per month at $5 each.  As you grow and add bonus items to your gigs that can pay out more than the minimum $5, you’ll be able to work less while bringing in more money.

Great gigs to offer on Fiverr:

  • Custom graphic design, website design, or image editing
  • Proofreading, editing, and copywriting services
  • Video creation and voice over work
  • Custom stock photography

Deep clean 1 home.

Have you ever had a dinner party or event coming up and just not had the spare time to deep clean your home before guests show up?  Many individuals have this happen and are more than happy to pay someone to come into their home to do a thorough deep clean.

Since this is more common than you think, taking on just one home per month you can easily do a deep clean and earn $100 or more.

The best way to get started is by word of mouth. Start with people you know and see if you can make an extra $100 per month cleaning their homes.

A great idea for grabbing that first client is to let those in your local moms group, support group, or group of friends know you are looking for a cleaning job.

You may find that you can fit something like this into a few hours on the weekend, in the evening, or even take on multiple jobs that are smaller and easier to manage after work.

Evaluate subscriptions and policies.

This last item on our list of ways to add $100 a month is more about adding money to your existing bottom line rather than a new income source.

This is where budgeting comes into play.

We often get so caught up in our daily life that we don’t notice the fees and upcharges that gradually appear on things we have to pay for regularly.

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Taking the time to sit down and evaluate subscriptions and policies on a regular basis can easily free up $100 a month.  While this is something that may be a one time change, it can still add money to your bottom line.

  • Evaluate list of magazine subscriptions, website subscriptions, and subscription boxes to cancel any that are no longer relevant or needed.
  • Contact all policies for insurance, television, Internet, or telephone companies to see about lower rates or dropping extra charges.
  • Check all accounts for hidden fees. Banking, credit cards, credit unions, and even the mandatory services like water, electric, or garbage pickup may be charging you more than they should.

Here are some other ideas to get you started:

As you work toward adding $100 a month to your bottom line, check out these 5 ideas as a great way to get started. You’ll find that $100 can easily turn into more in no time!

What do you do to add an extra $100 per month to your income?

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