Finding the Right Insurance Coverage for Your Next Big Step

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We did it! My husband and I finally took the plunge. We have been talking about investing in a rental property for a while and I am excited to say that we have finally done it.

Need help finding the right insurance for your next step? Find out how Jetty can help you!

After lots of research and endless amounts of house hunting, we found the perfect home as our first rental investment. We are both nervous and excited at the same time for this new adventure in our life.

Not only do we want this to be a great experience for us, but also for our future renters.

We are taking our time and making sure that we properly update it, take care of some cosmetic details, and make it feel like a place that someone can call home.

We are excited for our renters to fall in love with the house and see it as a place they could enjoy for years. It is important to us that our renters know that we care about them and the time they spend in the house.

In order to keep everyone safe we need to plan accordingly when it comes to homeowners insurance. It is extremely important to us that we have the right coverage for our home.

Being covered for just in case scenarios is more important than being left with the outcome of not carrying insurance.

As homeowners and now landlords, we recognize the importance of our tenants also protecting their personal property.

We are going to make it a requirement that any tenant who lives in our rental home must have renters insurance. After checking out a few different options we found one that we feel is perfect for the new renters that will be occupying our property.

Jetty Insurance offers exactly what a renter is looking for and their easy to navigate website makes it so easy to use.

Did you know that renters insurance through Jetty has the ability to cover of your personal items and reimburses renters if something happens to their stuff?

Another aspect that sold us on Jetty is the fact that their coverage is global.

If you are a property manager, landlord or new renter, you can click here to check out Insurance 101, everything you need to know about insurance and choosing the right one for you.  

Jetty also provides a really cool online calculator for their users. On top of that Jetty provides the option to adjust your policy limits to levels that suit you. Within their web application you can adjust every piece of your policy. Live in a safe neighborhood and think you can afford a higher deductible? You can adjust that and your price will also adjust accordingly.

You can get a quick quote without having to enter all of your personal information, click here and get started.  #ReadytoJetty

I cannot wait for our project to be complete and to see where this step in our journey takes us. We will definitely be looking for more rental properties in the future, but for now we will be focusing on getting this house rented.

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