First Time Mom Gift Ideas

After having 2 babies and being pregnant with our third I have come up with some great first time mom gift ideas. Family and friends are always asking what they can get for me. Here are some great gift suggestions you can give for first time moms.

First Time Mom Gift Ideas Gift Ideas for a First Time Mom

Gift Ideas for a First Time Mom

Most people focus on items for the new baby. It is nice to give the new mom a little special gift as well. There are some really great gift options below.

First Time Mom Gift Suggestions:

  1. What to Expect the First Year book – This has honestly been a lifesaver. I cannot say enough good things about this book. It was actually recommended to me when I was creating my baby registry by another mom. Not only does this book layout the development of the baby’s entire first year, but it has a plethora of information about feeding, sleeping, vaccines, illnesses and so much more!
  2. Belly Band – This is something that I wore in the beginning of my pregnancy because it allows you to still wear a lot of your pants and jeans without having to button them. The great thing about this is that it is pretty tight, so it is nice to have post baby too. They are perfect for wearing underneath your clothing while you are recuperating post-partum.
  3. First Year Calendar – I love the baby calendars that I made for my boys. You do not want to forget the major milestones in your new baby’s life so these calendars will help you to stay organized. Most of them come with stickers and a short baby bio that you can fill out.
  4. Cook Meals – After having a baby it can be hard to get back into your normal routine especially when it comes to eating healthy. A perfect first time mom gift that can show them how much you care is by making a few freezer meals. Help the new mom by providing healthy meals that she can just heat up and enjoy.
  5. Photography Session – This is the perfect gift because what new mom doesn’t want professional pictures of their new baby. Purchasing a photography session not only help to save her some money but it is a nice way for the mom to preserve those newborn memories.
  6. Spa Gift Certificate – Giving a first time mom a spa gift card is a great way to remind her to think of herself. You sometimes forget to make time for yourself.


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Gift Ideas for a First Time Mom

Do you know of any other first time mom gifts, please share with us in the comments below.

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