Free Online Surveys for Money: My Top 4 Survey Sites

Have you ever considered completing free online surveys for money to help supplement your income? Sometimes it may seem difficult to get ahead and start building a savings account. There are many ways that you can make extra money online. Even though we are always presented with ‘get rich quick’ schemes often times it is false. You will need to put in the time to earn the rewards.

Have you ever thought about making money by taking surveys? Check out these Free Online Surveys for Money to supplement your income.


If you are actively seeking to make extra money then I am sure you have come across a lot of scams that want you to pay them first. If it sounds too good to be true then it is.

I have been making money online for a few years now and have tried almost every option out there. One of the easiest ways to get started is by taking surveys. Below you will see my four favorite companies that I have personally used and made money from throughout the years. I hope this helps you reach your goals or save up for something special.

Not only are surveys easy to do, but the money you can make really starts to add up. If you are trying to make some extra cash and have access to the internet then survey sites are a great option for you to try. Unlike a job where you have set hours, you can fill out a survey in your free time and at your leisure.

Another great way that I make money online is through ebates. They give you cash back for your online purchases and even offer an awesome referral program that gives you the option to make bonuses. Even though it is not a full-time income, I had made over $1,000 with them this year! You can find out more how I make money shopping online. I definitely recommend that you check out ebates before you shop online.

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You can also consider becoming a blogger. Personally, I had no intentions of making a full-time income whenever I started my blog, but now it has turned into a business. I absolutely LOVE blogging so that I have made an EASY step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog for you to be able do it too! It is simple and you can have your blog up and running within minutes. Be sure to watch the video tutorial on how you can get your own blog.

If you are ready to get started with surveys then I highly recommend using a separate email address for doing surveys. It will make it a lot easier whenever it comes time for you to sit down to complete surveys. Otherwise, be sure to set up a folder in your regular inbox and move all the surveys into it. You may be thinking “When will I have time to fill out a survey?” I normally do them whenever I have any spare time. This could be during nap time, after the kids go to bed, or if you work during the day you could spend time making money completing a survey while you are on your lunch break.

Most survey sites will allow you to earn cash, points to redeem or gift rewards. You may be surprised with how quickly your money and rewards will add up. Below you will find my 4 Favorite Survey Sites.

Have you ever thought about making money by taking surveys? Check out these Free Online Surveys for Money to supplement your income.

Free Online Surveys for Money: My Top 4 Survey Sites

1. Inbox Dollars

You will receive $5 just for signing up with Inbox Dollars {how awesome is that!}. This site allows you to make money by reading emails, taking surveys, playing games and even going shopping. You can get savings and cash back from places like Target, Walmart and Netflix.


2. Opinion Outpost

This is another survey company that I have been using for quite awhile. Opinions Outpost will also pay you to complete online surveys and they even offer quarterly prize drawings. You can get rewarded with Amazon gift cards, Paypal cash or even iTunes gift cards.


3. American Consumer Opinion. 

You can sign up for free with this site to earn money completing online surveys. They often have opportunities to evaluate new products to help companies figure out new designs and ideas.

Join American Consumer Opinion here.


4. Swagbucks

This definitely is one of my favorite sites to use. You get paid for doing things you normally do online like surfing the web! You will need to use their site instead of Yahoo or Google when searching, but I use it all the time and it works great. Every once in awhile you will receive special bonus points for certain searches. Swagbucks will pay you for opt-in offers, surveys, playing games, shopping, watching videos and a few other tasks.

They even have a friend referral program and if you follow them on Twitter you will see that they post special swag codes that you can add to your account and then redeem. I love to save up my swag bucks and redeem them for Amazon gifts cards.


Each of these sites are free to sign-up. You can try each one and see what you like best. I suggest starting with one and testing it out for a few weeks to see what you like about it before signing-up for a new one. This way you can remember which survey sites worked best with your time and schedule.

In the end, making money from survey sites is meant to supplement your income. I always enjoy putting in sometime before the holidays so that I can use that extra cash or rewards that I get to save my family money.


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Have you ever thought about making money by taking surveys? Check out these Free Online Surveys for Money to supplement your income.

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  1. Have you ever tried Survey Savvy? It’s a really good survey site. It does take about 2-6 weeks for money to get added to your account and takes about 8 weeks for them to deliver the check but they are really good. I’ve been with them two years. The first year I made $80 something and right now I’m at $137.50. I’m also with 3 of the 4 sites you mentioned but Survey Savvy has given me the highest payout above all.

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