Free Printable 2015 Calendar With To-Do List

Every year one of my goals is to get organized. There is just something very freeing about decluttering and organizing your home and life. Since I run a business from home, while managing a household with three little boys, it is vital that I stay organized both with my family life and my blogging life so I use this free printable 2015 calendar that I made.


Download and print a blank 2015 calendar with to do list and notes!

To do this, I like to use a basic printable calendar that has a to-do list and notes on the side. I am a total list-maker so I NEED to have a place to add my monthly tasks and/or goals. Depending on if you like to keep your business and home life separate you can print several copies of each month to fill in all of your important dates and appointments. I love using this free printable calendar as my editorial calendar for my blog. I know it seems a bit old fashioned, but I like to see it all written down on paper.

I also use an online organizer but for my basic editorial calendar and life events I use this simple calendar. I hope this printable will help you stay organized throughout the year too!


Free Printable 2015 Calendar

Download and print a blank 2015 calendar with to do list and notes!

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