Frugal After School Activities for Kids

Now that school has started you may be looking for some fun ideas for your kids to do when they get home. Take a look at these frugal after school activities to try with your kids!

Frugal After School Activities for Kids


After a day at school, kids need a way to unwind. Doing something they enjoy can help them let off some steam, but fun after school activities don’t have to be expensive. Take a look at some of our ideas for inexpensive after school activities for kids.


Frugal After School Activities:

1. Sports. Get the neighbor kids together for a game of kickball or baseball.

2. Go for a bicycle ride.

Frugal After School Activities for Kids

3. Take a family walk around the neighborhood and share some things that happened during the school day.

4. Let them help you bake or cook.

5. Have your child choose an arts and crafts project to work on after school.

6. Enroll them in girl scouts or boy scouts, a dance class, martial arts or another activity they will enjoy.

7. Let your child try their hand at a DIY project. Tie dyeing shirts is a fun one to try.

8. Encourage your child to try something new and possible find a new favorite hobby.

9. Start a kids book club. Let your child choose a book of their choice and read a bit each day. When they are done, discuss the book with them or invite their friends over to talk about the book. If there is a movie based on the book, watch it with your child.

Frugal After School Activities for Kids

10. Blast your kid’s favorite songs and dance all around the house!

There are so many fun and frugal things that your kids can do when they get out of school for the day. Try a few ideas from our list of frugal after school activities for kids and let us know if your kid’s enjoyed them!

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  1. Great post! These are some great tips for after school activities for kids. Acting and dance classes are also great to get them involved in arts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great list. I try to find frugal and easy activities to engage my kids. One of our tried and true is baking. My 3 year old is always looking to help me. The others you list are great.

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