Frugal Birthday Ideas – Cake, Decorations and More!

Planning a party but do not want to break the bank? Read these frugal birthday ideas below to help save yourself some money!

Frugal Birthday Ideas

Whether you are celebrating a child’s birthday or an adult’s birthday, parties can be a huge expense. You want to go all out and do something really special and memorable for a birthday party but you don’t want to put yourself into debt to do it. What if I told you that you could create a fun party that will always be remembered, without breaking the bank? Here are some frugal ideas for birthdays to help save you money.

Frugal Birthday Ideas:

It can cost hundreds of dollars to rent a location for a party. One year we had my son’s birthday party at one of those bouncy gym places. That party cost us over $500 for 2 hours. Each child got a piece of frozen pizza, a cup of soda or juice and a piece of cake. Now, we have parties at home, in the backyard, at the beach or at the park. Some parks require you to get a permit ahead of time, but it is definitely worth the money we save. Have your party at home or one of the places I mentioned above. This is probably the biggest expense and cutting it out allows you to save a lot of money.

If you offer a full meal to your party guests, your best best is to make the food yourself. This will cost less than if you order food or have the party catered. If you want to save even more money, offer drinks, snacks or finger foods, and cake. Specify on the invitation if there will be lunch or dinner served or if it will be snacks and drinks, so that guests know if they should eat before they arrive.

Frugal Birthday Ideas

The way you decorate can make a world of a difference. You want your decor to stand out and enhance the party environment. Skip the party supply store to save a bundle. Head on over to your local dollar store and you can find everything you need from plates and cups to balloons, streamers and banners. You can customize your decor by color or theme and it will save you at least half of what you would spend in the party supply store.

You don’t need a DJ or a costumed cartoon character and bouncy house for everyone to have a good time. Make your own music playlist for the party, and for kids, get creative; play games, have contests, do crafting projects and just let them run around. They will have a great time without the fancy, expensive extras.

I can’t say this enough. Make a homemade cake. Store bought cakes are expensive and they never taste as good as those made at home with love. If you aren’t good at decorating, there are so many pre-made decorations that you can buy and add to the cake after you frost it. For a kids party, make cupcakes and let the kids frost and decorate their own. Put out little bowls of frosting and sprinkles and let the kids get creative. You can also do this with ice cream. They will have a blast.

When you throw a birthday party, you want it to be great. You want everyone to enjoy themselves and remember the party, especially the guest of honor! Use some of our frugal ideas for birthdays to plan your next birthday party and save money.


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