Frugal Living Myths: Does It Make Me Cheap?

What is frugal living? Do you live a frugal lifestyle?

Myths About Frugal Living

When you hear the words frugal living do you think of those people that re-use their teabags 6 times before throwing them away? Or how about separating the 2 plys of the roll of toilet tissue to maximize your savings? Yes, there are a lot of ways that people save money that may seem extreme, but I promise you do not have to give up flushing the toilet to save a few bucks every month.

People tend to associate “frugal” with “cheap”, and that is really not the case. Look at it like this; being frugal is wanting to get the most value out of every dollar you spend. You want more bang for your buck. Being cheap is actually avoiding something just because it involves spending money. When a frugal shopper wants something, they get it. They just get it at a better price than the average shopper.

There’s really no need to deprive yourself of anything to save some money. I used to buy this chocolate and cream iced coffee every day and it cost $4. I was spending $28 every week on this iced coffee. Then I started making it at home and it now costs me about $8 a week for the ingredients. I still get my delicious caffeine fix every morning, but I also save about $80 each month by making it myself. Simple changes can equal big money especially when it comes to eating or buying drinks outside the house.

You do not have to give up having fun to be frugal either. The money that you save here and there will add up quicker than you think. If I take the money I saved on my iced coffee and put it to the side every month, at the end of the year I have almost $1000 to put toward something else, like a family vacation. You can cut your spending in little areas and the money you save can actually be used toward something that you couldn’t really afford otherwise.

Frugal doesn’t mean that you are a big cheapo or that you are poor and cannot afford to enjoy life. Being frugal means that you are smart enough to look at the bigger picture and get the most you can get for your money in every aspect of life. If you ask me, being frugal lets you enjoy life even more and who doesn’t want that?

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Frugal Living Myths

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