50 Frugal Summer Fun Activities For Kids

Below you will find our list of 50 Frugal Summer fun activities for kids! Not only can it be difficult to come up with fun things for your kids to do in the Summer, but it can be expensive to keep them entertained.

50 Frugal Summer Fun Activities For Kids

I love the sunny, hot and hazy days of Summer and so do my kids. We want to have fun things to do on those days but we don’t want to spend a whole lot of money to keep the kids occupied. Summer fun activities for kids can be inexpensive and exciting.

50 Frugal Summer Fun Activities For Kids:


  1. Kids love to get wet, let them help you wash the car for some good, clean family fun.

  2. Spread out a blanket and have a picnic with your kids.

  3. Pitch your tent and go camping for the night in your own backyard.

  4. Go on a nature walk, collect leaves, rocks and twigs and enjoy nature with your little ones.

  5. Use sidewalk chalk to trace shadows, draw pictures, play tic tac toe.

  6. What kid doesn’t enjoy a water balloon fight?

  7. Lay on a blanket with your kids, look up at the sky and encourage them to find clouds that are shaped like other objects.

  8. Many museums offer free or discounted admissions for kids during the Summer on certain days.

  9. Make a kite with your kids and teach them how to fly it.

  10. Most libraries have a story telling day for kids.

  11. Get a book about birds from the library, show the pictures to your kids, and see if you can find any birds from the book, in your neighborhood.

  12. Grab a Frisbee and teach the kids how to play. 50 Frugal Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

  13. Gather some neighborhood kids, make some instruments and have a parade.

  14. At night, go stargazing with your kids and enjoy the beauty of a Summer night.

  15. Feed the ducks at a pond

  16. Go visit a petting zoo

  17. Go swimming on free admission days at the community pool.

  18. Build sand castles at the beach.

  19. Blow bubbles.

  20. Go to an outdoor summer concert.

  21. Visit your local botanical garden.

  22. Take your kids to the aquarium on free/discounted days.

  23. Play a game of mini golf.

  24. Grab a jar and catch some fireflies. (release them afterwards)

  25. You can also catch butterflies. (release them afterwards)

  26. Plant a mini garden in your backyard or even an herb garden on your windowsill.

  27. Turn on the music and have an outdoor dance party.

  28. Hide some small toys in the sandbox and send them on a scavenger hunt.

  29. Make popsicles for a fun and refreshing treat.

  30. Run through the sprinklers together.

  31. Sit on a blanket in the shade and have an outdoor reading circle.

  32. Go to the playground.

  33. Have group play days where each week, on a set day, 1 parent takes a group of kids for a summer camp play experience.

  34. Go bowling on discounted days.

  35. Make some fresh lemonade and start a lemonade stand.

  36. Have a yard sale with old toys.

  37. Put on a puppet show.

  38. Play hopscotch.

  39. Have jump rope competitions.

  40. Play freeze tag.

  41. Play a game of kickball.

  42. Make a backyard obstacle course.

  43. Go bug collecting.

  44. Stay in and bake cookies.

  45. Have a talent show.

  46. Go out for ice cream.

  47. Go to a baseball game.

  48. Have fun with a hula hoop!

  49. Have a backyard slumber party.

  50. Collect seashells at the beach to use for crafting later.


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Do you have any other summer fun activities for kids, please share in the comments below!

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