Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas


Need some fun pregnancy announcement ideas to use to tell your friends and family about your pregnancy?
Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas


Did you find out that you are expecting and now you’re looking for a clever idea for your a pregnancy announcement? There are so many fun and unique pregnancy announcement ideas out there. Check out 3 of my favorite ideas for pregnancy announcements.


1.If you want to make an announcement to friends and family using social networking, you can share a special photo on Facebook,Twitter or Google+. You will need a wide ribbon (long enough to reach around your waist and tie a nice big bow) and a large gift tag that you can write on. Write “Do Not Open Until *your due date*”, attach the gift tag to the ribbon and tie it around your waist. Take a photo and share it to let everyone know about your upcoming gift.


2.If you are gathering friends and family together in person to make your announcement a great way to surprise them is to tell them that you brought them together to give them all a special present. Bring out a big box wrapped up really nice, but not in any baby themes or colors. Black wrapping paper with red and white ribbon looks good and doesn’t scream “BABY!” The surprise is that when they open the box, a bunch of pink and blue helium balloons will float out and the bottom of the box will have a message written on it, “WE ARE EXPECTING!


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3. My favorite pregnancy announcement idea of all is the “home expansion” announcement. I am not sure who started it, but it’s one of the most clever ideas that I have seen. You line up a pair of each family member’s shoes. You add an extra pair for the baby and then take a photo. The caption of the photo is “We are expanding our home by 2 feet, Expected Completion Date:*your due date*” I really love this idea because it is also great if you’re expecting twins or triplets.


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Pregnancy announcements are getting more creative and they are so much fun to come up with. Did you do a really cool pregnancy announcement? What good ideas for pregnancy announcements have you seen that you would choose to do if you were expecting? Share them with us in the comments below.

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