Funny Pregnancy Comments


Funny pregnancy is not typically two words you would hear together. This is because when women are pregnant they tend to be very hormonal and moody. Naturally, making jokes and stating funny comments about pregnancy can be considered rude or offensive to some pregnant women. However, to someone who is not pregnant or a pregnant woman with a sense of humor, there are a lot of really funny pregnancy comments.

funny pregnancy

Funny Pregnancy

Now that I am pregnant with our third child I feel like I can honestly say that I have heard a TON of funny pregnancy comments. Besides all of the weird people who feel the need to constantly touch and rub my stomach {10 Things I Forgot About Pregnancy} I hear a lot of odd comments. I think a lot of people just say whatever comes to mind and many of them are just the stereotypical pregnancy comments.

Get All Of The Sleep You CanThis comment loosely translates to the fact that once you have a baby you are never going to sleep again. In fact, until the child is a couple years old you are going to do good to get four solid hours of sleep. First off, anyone who has ever been pregnant knows that you DO NOT sleep good at all especially towards the end of the pregnancy. Second, why does everyone feel the need to tell me to get as much sleep now as I can because obviously I am ALWAYS exhausted and know when I need sleep. Lastly, its not like you can like store-up {if that even makes sense} on sleep. Just because I will not be getting any sleep once the baby arrives does not mean that it would help to get more now.

Enjoy Things While You CanThis comment is usually attached to a specific activity that the woman enjoys. This is because once the baby comes your life is going to stop revolving around you and start revolving around them. Ok, I do understand that EVERYTHING does change once you have a child, but I am not ruined people! Just because I have a baby does not mean that I can no longer enjoy things. My life will still go on.

Funny Pregnancy Jokes

Rita Rudner, the name of a writer, actress, and an American comedian has done a lot of stand-up comedy regarding pregnancy. Some of her funny pregnancy jokes include:

“How can I have morning sickness when I don’t get up till noon?”

Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside.”

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Are you pregnant? What funny pregnancy comments have you heard, please share!

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