Gender Reveal Party Ideas


Are you looking for gender reveal party ideas? Below you will find 2 cute ideas that you can use for decorations and food at your gender reveal party.


Gender Reveal Party Ideas

When I was pregnant with my first son gender reveal parties were not popular, but it seems like they are becoming more of the norm now. I am seeing so many cute ways that new parents are sharing the gender of their baby with their friends and family. One of my friends even had their ultrasound tech write down the gender of their baby onto a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. They then took the envelope to a bakery and asked them to make the inside of the cake either pink or blue depending on the sex of their baby. This way, they were just as surprised as all of their guests!


Gender Reveal Party Ideas:

-Have your guests come to the party dressed in either pink or blue so you can see what gender everyone thinks your baby will be.

-Here is a cute decoration you can have out at your gender reveal party! You can then have guests pick the candy bar of the gender that believe your baby is: Gender Reveal Party Ideas

– Below is gender reveal cake that you can have made for your party

Gender Reveal Party Ideas: Cake

– This is one of my favorite gender reveal party ideas. Make a chalkboard for your guests to write down their guess when they come to your party, and you can get poppers to reveal the gender of your baby! All you need to do is go to your local party store and buy poppers. Empty out the contents of the poppers and fill them back up with your own confetti {gender of the baby}. Then you can make your own label or cover for the popper. This is a really fun way to have all your guests find out together.

“No one knows what the gender of our baby will be … Soon we will pop the poppers and everyone will see!”

Gender Reveal Party Ideas


– You can get cookies made for each gender like the ones below for either Team Girl or Team Boy



Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

{These awesome cookies are from Picture Perfect Cookies}

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