How to Get Sponsors for your Blog

If you are a blogger than you are probably wondering how to get sponsors for your blog to start earning some money. Whether you are trying to land private advertising or wanting to connect with brands for sponsored posts keep in mind it is not always easy. Once you learn the skills needed you can successfully build relationships with sponsors that will be mutually beneficial.

If you have never worked with a sponsor you should take a look at my post how to get your first sponsored post to learn and understand the expectations of working with a brand and ways to gain experience before reaching out to sponsors on your own.


If you are looking to monetize your blog and are trying to figure out how to get sponsors for your blog then read these five tips to get started.

Tips on how to get sponsors for your blog:

1. Specific Targeting. Make a list of companies or brands that would fit well with your blog. Consider your audience and the topics you write about. You do not want to partner with a brand that does not fit with the content of your site. Be specific and target sponsors that fit within your niche.

2. Start small. Depending on how much traffic your site gets or what you have to offer a sponsor it is always good to start small. Seek out smaller businesses within your niche and contact them to see if they would be interested in advertising on your blog. This could be through banner ads or a sponsored post, but this will help you get your foot in the door and hopefully get a good response back from sponsors.

3. Sell yourself. I always like to think of a unique angle on what I can offer a potential sponsor on my blog. You need to show the company reasons why they should work with you. Come up with ways to utilize what your site does well and use that to your benefit. Brainstorm ways that you can weave their brand into your blog to make it fit well while still being able to convey their brand message. This will show potential sponsors that you truly are interested in working with them. I always like to send a personalized email giving them my ideas on how we could partner.

4. Offer Discounts. In the beginning it may be hard to land sponsors. They do not know what their return on investment would be, so it is beneficial to offer them a discount to get started or a small trial period. This will allow the brand to see what you can offer them while figuring out more about your blog. Plus, some advertisers are hesitant when they do not see any other ads on your site. Offering a ‘free month’ of advertising to get started could even help attract more sponsors.

5. Check out the competition. If you are still unsure who to target check out other blogs in your niche. See who is advertising on their site or who is paying them to do sponsored posts.

Deciding to have sponsors on your blog is a huge step. I always like to over deliver and provide as much value as possible. This has helped me to bring in more sponsors and build long-term relationships with the sponsors I have worked with. Even if your blog is small there are a lot of benefits you can provide a sponsor especially if you have a loyal readership. I hope I have answered your questions on how to get sponsors for your blog!


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If you are looking to monetize your blog and are trying to figure out how to get sponsors for your blog then read these five tips to get started.

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