Glitter Mason Jar Vase Tutorial

Making a glitter mason jar vase is a fun DIY project. You can customize it with any color glitter that you like. This is the perfect craft to make if you have left over glass jars. It can be used as a decoration in your home. Follow our step-by-step instructions to make one of these beautiful flower vases from your home!

Glitter Mason Jar Vase

glitter mason jar

I was so excited to make this vase because I love making projects from mason jars. I am actually surprised at how man different crafts you can do with left over glass jars. I was unsure how this would turn out but I really it! It was extremely easy to make and the only part that was hard was waiting for it to dry! I could not wait to put my hydrangeas into the vase. Here is how I made this beautiful vase.

Glitter Mason Jar Materials:

glitter mason jar

  • Glass Jar – this can be anything you would like to use as a vase
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter


Glitter Mason Jar Instructions:

Start by making sure that the jar is completely cleaned out and dry. Although I love glitter I absolutely hate when it comes off and goes everywhere {at Christmas our house has glitter everywhere!}. That is why I decided to put the glitter on the inside of the jar instead of the outside. This will limit you because you will not be able to fill up the vase with water to put in real fresh flowers.

You can either fill the jar with the mod podge or paint a thin coat onto the inside. I wanted to make this as easy as possible so I just filled a little bit into the bottom of the jar.

glitter mason jar

Once you have put the glue into the mason jar you can then add the glitter {I used a little too much glue because it to forever to dry, so I recommend using less than what you see here}. Use a generous amount of glitter.

glitter mason jar

Next, you just have to swirl it all around until you have an even coat all of the inside of the jar.

glitter mason jar

Once you have coated the entire inside of the jar you will want to find newspaper or a paper plate to flip it over on until it dries. The drying time depends on the amount of glue you used and the size of the mason jar.

glitter mason jar

Here is what the final glitter mason jar looked like after it dried.

glitter mason jar

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Let us know if you make a glitter mason jar and how you customized it!

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  1. Very cute idea! I love the white flowers and red glitter together. Can I ask where you got your fake white hydrangeas?

      1. I just did Mop and Glo with gold glitter and they have been dry for a week. I began making arrangements and realized the water might dissolve the Mop and Glo and the glitter on the jars! I am decorating 12 tables for a graduation event. OMG!! I need FAST advise! Does anyone have experience using Mop and Glo the same way the Modge Podge was used this way? Will it dissolve with water and and flowers in it? Should I try adding a layer of Mod Podge and let it dry overnight? These have to be done by tomorrow afternoon. ANY advise would be appreciated!!

    1. I did not seal mine, but I have been told my a couple of my friends that you can spray hairspray on it so that the glitter does not come off. I am going to try it when I get it out of our storage stuff for Christmas!

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