Graphic Design Freelance Jobs to Earn an Income


Are you looking for graphic design freelance jobs? Find out how you can get started and websites with job opportunities to apply for today.

If you are seeking graphic design freelance jobs there are innumerable opportunities available for all kinds of graphic designers. In a well connected globalized world, there is no lack of opportunities. One can work from home, get a conventional job or start up an online venture. Anyone with a specific skill can become a freelancer and work on as many projects they can manage.

Getting Started: Graphic Design Freelance Jobs

To get started, you would have to build a profile and/or resume that is credible. A typical resume made for traditional jobs will not be effective for graphic design freelance jobs. The demand is not for any graphic designer but those who are good at their craft.

Potential employers want to see previous work that you have completed. Even if you have not yet been hired for any graphic design freelance jobs you should still have a portfolio with what you are capable of doing. Since it is a visual world be sure to include actual work so they can get a sense of your style.

Ideally, anyone looking to get a freelance graphic design job can start by checking websites that are specifically for graph design jobs, or job board websites. A few credible places that I have come across for online graphic designer jobs include Coroflot, Authentic Jobs, Elance, oDesk, Freelancer, iFreelance, Guru, Demand Studios, People Per Hour, 99Designs, Get A Coder, Smashing Jobs. Once you create a profile, you can bid for jobs and begin to work. Each site has their own system for creating your profile and applying for work. Be sure to read through their site before rushing into any jobs.

The competition is quite high which makes it difficult for anyone just getting started with little to no experience. Like any job, people want to see that you are experienced. I would recommend trying to find a few clients that you could offer your services to for free to help you build your portfolio. I know that is probably not what you wanted to hear, but it is the only way to show-off your capabilities while trying to build real-life experiences.

Along with the competition factor, you need to consider your pricing. This is especially important when it comes to graphic design freelance jobs. With freelancers from across the world converging at the same place, the difference in your cost per job does make a huge impact. Companies want to hire the best but they would also prefer hiring the best at the best price. When there is no marked difference between the ability of two graphic designers, it is their pay scale, flexibility of work hours, and other attributes that would come into play.

When you are first getting started it might be hard setting the right price for work. Check out your competition and see how much they charge per hour or per job. It will give you an idea until you get started and figure out how much time you spend on each particular job.

Are you looking for graphic design freelance jobs? Find out how you can get started and websites with job opportunities to apply for today.

Upon completion of projects, you can get paid and also get reviewed by the clients. As you build your profile, get positive reviews and substantial earnings show up on your freelancing profiles, more clients would notice your existence and your chances of getting rehired will increase.There is potential to earn a full time income from graphic design freelance jobs.

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  1. Nice sharing

    I think that getting jobs as graphic Design Freelancer without work in a portfolio is difficult. However there is such a solution for this issue, you can find any friends or family members who are starting up a business who need some designs and offer them to give away and include the done jobs in your portfolio.

    Thanks so much
    Omar Saady recently posted..Top 4 Internet Marketing Models to Earn An Extra Online IncomeMy Profile

  2. I completely disagree with this statement. I make very good income with website design. You just have to attract the clients that want a very well designed and “custom” website. You can’t get totally custom from a template (not without a designer’s help at least. Not unless you know how to recode) and there are plenty of people out there that still want that and frown on templates. I also make great income customizing WordPress sites! The work is out there, you just have to pursue it, produce great work and you will get referred to their other friends that want the same thing.

  3. I hope these tips work because I’m looking for a flexible job where I can be my own boss, but how can someone with no formal training become a graphic designer-freelance or otherwise?

  4. OK, but if anyone with no formal ( college education in graphic design can train themselves online, why would they pay me to do so?I don’t understand. If people go to classes/school to become graphic designers, how can we train ourselves by looking it up online?

    1. To become a great graphic designer, it’s not only about taking a course or attending school. You have to have the passion and the proper skills to become one. Even people that finish graphic design courses are not guaranteed to land a job freelance or permanent employment. It will all depend on your ability and creativity. You will have to be savvy on typography and all the Adobe software like Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop imaging. Those are only a few of the software that you need to be great at. It will take years of experience to become a legit graphic designer.

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