Happy 50th Birthday Mom

We recently celebrated my Mom’s 50th Birthday! My family I planned a really nice party for her, and it turned out great. I wanted to share with you one of the decorations I made because it was so simple and our guests’ loved it!

Happy 50th Birthday – 50 Sucks!

Happy 50th Birthday - 50 Sucks

I saw something similar to this when I was on Pinterest. I thought it would be cute to make our own not only for a decoration, but guests’ could also take a sucker home with them. We used black and white as the colors for the party, so I got suckers to match. You can honestly use any kind you want. I have even seen the 50 Sucks replaced with 50 Blows and you could use blow pops.

I then used Black Repositionable Paper Letters and Numbers and glued them onto skewers that I already had at home. This was extremely easy! I was not sure how these letters would hold up so instead of just using glue I dabbed a little bit of mod podge on each letter. You cannot see from the picture but I painted two mason jars with chalkboard paint. I wanted to use a small tin or vase, but I did not have anything that worked good with the letters and numbers.

What do you think? Happy 50th Birthday Mom!

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