Hospital Bag – Checklist of Items to Pack


Having a hospital bag packed and ready for the big day will help you be one step closer to meeting that little bundle of joy. What do you need to pack your hospital bag? Now that I have been through the labor and delivery process twice and I am getting ready for the third I have learned a lot about what I should and shouldn’t pack.

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What to pack in your Hospital Bag?

When I was pregnant for the first time many people told me what I should pack and I also searched online and in books because I was clueless. What should I pack for me and the baby? It is hard to know exactly what you will need, but here is a great list of what I think you should include.

Hospital Bag Items:

For Baby –

Outfit to take baby home {depending on weather: hat, warm blanket, etc.}

Boppy or Breastfeeding pillow

Any cute blankets or other items for pictures

Socks or Booties

Car Seat

*Our hospital always provided all of the items to take care of the baby while in the hospital {onesies, diapers, wipes, cleaning care items, etc.}


For Mom –

Birth Plan, Hospital Paperwork, Insurance information

Comfy Clothes {nothing tight}



Pillow {optional to be more comfortable}

Socks, slippers, flip flops

Comfortable Underwear {trust me! Hospital provides mesh underwear}

Nursing Pads

Outfit to go home

Nursing tank top

Toiletries – makeup, toothbrush, hair brush, eye glasses, chap stick, hair ties headband,  etc.

Belly Band

*Our hospital also provided cleaning care items for mom as well as nipple cream and other health care items.


Electronics –


Video Camera

Phone charger


For Dad –

Snacks {you may have a LONG labor}

Change of Clothes


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What other items would you add to your hospital bag, please share in the comments below!

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