How to Earn Money With Opinion Outpost

Earning money from online survey sites is definitely a way that you can make some extra cash, but it won’t make you rich.

Today I want to share with you how to earn money with Opinion Outpost. It is a legitimate online survey site that will pay you to take surveys.

Opinion Outpost is a free survey site where you can earn money and even be entered to win giveaways and sweepstakes. You earn rewards and cash via Paypal and Amazon.

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How to Earn Money With Opinion Outpost

 I want to share with you how to earn money with Opinion Outpost. It is a legitimate online survey site that will pay you to take surveys.

Signing up with Opinion Outpost

Joining Opinion Outpost is easy. Click here to sign up with Opinion Outpost.

I do recommend that you use a different email address when using survey sites so that you aren’t getting bombarded with survey opportunities in your regular inbox.

You will then be required to setup a personal profile. They will ask you a lot of questions so that they can accurately match you to survey opportunities. You have a better chance of qualifying for surveys once your profile is complete.

Earning Money with Opinion Outpost

Once you have created your account you will start getting survey invitations in your inbox on a daily basis. Even though you may get an invite it doesn’t mean you qualify for the survey. Most of the time you will have to answer a few pre-survey questions to see if you qualify for the offer.

If you are accepted then you will move on to complete the actual survey. The time to complete one survey can range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. It depends on how long the survey is. Each survey that you complete has a point value and the point value equals a particular dollar amount.

For example, if the survey is 100 points that equals $1.00. When your account reaches 50 points you are allowed to request a payout.

You have several payment options:

  • Paypal cash
  • Amazon gift card code
  • iTunes gift card

Opinion Outpost also has a referral program where you can earn money when you refer your friends and family to their website. They will give you a personal tracking link to send to your friends to invite them to join Opinion Outpost.

Keep in mind that filling out online surveys will not make you rich. You can definitely earn some extra cash but you can’t expect to make a ton of money. I always recommend that you sign up for a few survey sites to increase your chances of qualifying for opportunities to earn more money.

It is a fun way to make some extra cash in your spare time.

Here are the top 5 survey sites I recommend:

  1. Inbox Dollars
  2. Pinecone Research
  3. Opinion Outpost
  4. American Consumer Panel
  5. Swagbucks

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