How To Make A Diaper Basket

Below you will find easy instructions on how to make a diaper basket for a baby shower.

How To Make A Diaper Basket


I love traditional diaper cakes but sometimes you need something a little different, and more unique. This diaper gift basket is a great way to present not only the diapers, but an actual basket of baby goodies to the mom to be.  It makes a pretty conversation piece at a baby shower, or as a surprise delivered to the hospital for the new bundle. I found this plastic shallow tub at Dollar Tree that was a perfect base for my diaper basket except for the color, so you can easily use an inexpensive can of spray paint to change up the color.

Follow our easy instructions so that you can make a homemade diaper basket for your next baby shower!

How To Make A Diaper Basket

 Supplies Needed: 

  • 1 pack of diapers
  • Rubber bands
  • Pool Noodle
  • Flat bottom, shallow tub
  • 2” ribbon
  • 4” wide ribbon or burlap
  • Spray paint
  • Decorative embellishments



  1. Spray tub or bin with a light tack coat of paint and allow to dry for 5 minutes.
  2. Add 2-3 more layers until it is well covered inside and out, Let dry overnight.
  3. Cut pool noodle to desired length, I literally just eyeballed the noodle, moving it until it was in proportion to my basket size and then cut it, for me it was about 2/3 of of the original length. You do not have to paint your pool noodle if you are using a solid ribbon, since I was using burlap with larger holes I wanted something less noticeable than neon  green so I hit it with the cream spray paint when I painted the tub base. How To Make A Diaper Basket
  4. Slice up center of pool noodle about 4”.
  5. To make your handle hold a little better, cut a length of ribbon long enough to run throug your noodle, and overlap on the bottom  of your basket when handle is in place. Secure ribbon down with hot glue. How To Make A Diaper Basket
  6. Start on one end wrapping your handle with wide ribbon, continue to the other side where you will end by dropping down over the tub and wrapping all the way around to cover tub completely, secure end of hot glue. How To Make A Diaper Basket
  7. How To Make A Diaper BasketHow To Make A Diaper Basket
  8. I want them to be able to use all the baby supplies so I try not to glue them on.
  9. Tie another length of your contrasting ribbon into a bow (I used a wired ribbon), Hot glue to top of handle,and arrange it down the sides, securing with a dab of glue randomly.
  10. I found these cute wooden cutouts at Hobby Lobby where there are many themes to chose from, I think they add the perfect touch of whimsy to the basket, you can use silk flowers, small stuffed animals, or baby gear to decorate yours-  Attach them with hot glue.
  11. Take a large rubber band and wrap it around your basket. How To Make A Diaper Basket
  12. Roll diapers by starting at the open end and tightly rolling as you go, secure with a rubber band around the middle.
  13. Slide diapers under rubber band on basket base, continue all the way around until it is covered all the way around. If you have leftover diapers use them as filler in your basket. How To Make A Diaper Basket
  14. Run contrasting ribbon around center of diapers, be sure to cover up rubber band, try to glue ribbon to itself, if need be use floral pins to secure it in several places. When making diaper cakes, baskets, and other gifts I really wouldn’t want to waste an entire pack of diapers by making them unusable covered in hot glue. How To Make A Diaper Basket
  15. For transporting I would suggest a large piece of cardboard cut just a bit larger than the size of your basket base, if desired glue basket to cardboard so it doesn’t slip around.

How To Make A Diaper Basket

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