How To Make Baby Food Carrots

Find out how to make baby food carrots for your child below.

 How To Make Baby Food Carrots

Learning how to make baby food carrots is easy. Making homemade baby food can not only save money but has a lot of benefits for both you and your child. I love making my own baby food and freezing it for Evan.

How To Make Baby Food Carrots:

If this is is the first time you have ever made baby food check out our getting started guide. It will provide you with all of the different options for making homemade baby food. To make carrots for your baby you will need:

Start by cooking the carrots like you would for yourself. You can either bake or steam the carrots. Once they are thoroughly cooked cut the carrots into small pieces. Make sure the pieces are small enough to fit into your food processor. I normally add about a cup of water with the carrots into the food processor. Depending on the age of your baby, you will determine how thick you will make the carrots.

How To Make Baby Food Carrots

Next, puree the carrots in the food processor. Be sure to get rid of all of the chunks before serving it your child. You will then need to serve, refrigerate or freeze the carrots immediately. I always like making extra so that I can freeze it and use for other meals. It is easier to spend an hour one day making food for your baby for an entire month.

How To Make Baby Food Carrots

If you are freezing the leftover carrots, you can store them in proper portions for your baby to eat later. Read about how you can properly store baby homemade baby food. Also try You can make our Butternut Squash Baby Food Recipe, Homemade Sweet Potatoes Baby Food or our banana baby food recipe.

How To Make Baby Food Carrots

Following these easy steps on how to make baby food carrots will help you to prepare delicious and healthy meals for your baby.

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