How To Rent A Car Hassle-Free

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Picture this: A vacation you have been planning for months is finally coming to fruition. You pack your bags, board your flight, and arrive at the busy airport. You can  feel the warm breeze from the ocean already. Once you grab your belongings from the bag check carousel it’s time to head to the rental car desk to get your ride for the week. Your excitement is overwhelming now because you are just minutes from relaxation and fun, but to your surprise the clerk at the desk tells you that you in fact cannot rent a car.

Wait, what?! All because you have been trying to reach your goal of being debt free and a month ago you cut up that credit card that was causing you so much financial stress.

Sounds like a nightmare, but this exact situation happened recently to my husband and I when we were traveling. It really put a damper on the trip as we had to call my parents to reserve the car and then pay them back. It was embarrassing and such a hassle!!

When I heard about the new policy change that Dollar Car Rental had recently rolled out, I was ecstatic to share! I called my husband just to tell him the good news and we shared a laugh when reminiscing back to that vacation! He couldn’t believe when I told him that Dollar Car Rental is now allowing customers to reserve a vehicle using a debit card.

In an ongoing effort to not only listen to their customers, but to also be proactive
with superb customer service, Dollar is now rolling out a first-of-it’s-kind debit card policy to make travel easier for them.

When it comes to customer service and being budget friendly, Dollar Car Rental has you covered. Not only are they making it easier to reserve a vehicle with a debit card on top of their amazing rates, they are now allowing customers that are 20 years or older to reserve a vehicle.

The innovative debit card policy makes it easier for customers to reserve vehicles using a debit card by:
o Eliminating credit checks.
o Reducing proof of return travel and ID requirements.
o Lowering the renter age restriction from 25 to 20.
o Reducing the incidental hold amount from $350 to up to $200 to match credit card rentals.
o Rentals booked more than 24 hours in advance will only require a debit card and Driver’s
License, and rentals booked for less than 24 hours will require two forms of identification and
proof of return travel.

These changes are music to my budget friendly ears! I refuse to travel without shopping around to find the best deals and rates.  For more information on this new policy, visit Dollar Car Rental online. I can say with confidence that nothing comes close to Dollar Car Rental!

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  1. This is great! I too recently experienced a similar credit card issue at a different rental agency. And they wouldn’t accept cash or check either. Such a hassle. Definetly be using Dollar now!

  2. This is great to know! I too got rid of my credit card recently so this will help. I will definitely keep Dollar in mind the next time I’m renting a car.

  3. Been there done that. I do like all of the new guidelines talked about in this article. Glad there is a dollar Car Rental place near me.

  4. Renting a car one of the things we all do couples of times yes after uber is kinda get down, but still having a good company supporting and making it easier is something people needed, Thanks for sharing the info, Definitely gonna try Dollar Car Rental soon 🙂

  5. It is a very nice and useful post. Your experience is very useful to me now. I just have frustrated after searching for a rent car agencies which can provide a rent car at such an affordable price.

  6. It is a very nice and useful post. Your experience is very useful to me now. I just have frustrated after searching for a rent car agencies which can provide a rent car at such an affordable price. It is like you have done this job for me. Now I am going to search in travel portal and would like to find a rent car agency which can provide me a rent car at a price within my budget. Thank you for sharing such an useful post with us.

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