How To Save Money For Kids Birthday Parties

How To Save Money For Kids Birthday Parties

Kid’s birthday parties are fun for not only the kids, but the parents, too. They can also be stressful for parents who are on a dime, yet still want to give their kids a great and memorable birthday party. Here are a few tips on how to save money on your little one’s next birthday party.

How To Save Money For Kids Parties

Pick A Theme
It is easier to save money when you have settled on a theme and you know exactly what you will be doing for the party. You can organize your thoughts and your shopping list to make sure you stay on track and don’t buy anything unnecessary. Make the theme something simple that you can accomplish without a lot of effort or money. For example, if your child has a summertime birthday, have a party at a splash pad and center it all around summer water fun. If your child has a winter birthday, make the theme a bonfire and hot chocolate affair. Whatever you choose, make it easy! Some of our past birthday party themes have been Cars, Dr. Seuss, Construction and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. No matter what the theme is you pick, you can always find unique ways to incorporate the food and decorations.

Make A List
Keep things as simple as possible and list just the basics. You can include games, food,decorations, cake, treat bags, pinata or anything else you would like to have for the party. Do not forget invitation costs too. When you make your list, mark the ones you think you already have materials to make at home and then explore your craft supplies. Mark off things you have. Then, figure out what other parents can add and mark those items off the list, too. Since we have such a large family and a small party always ends up being about 60 people, we ask some of our family members to help out. This will help alleviate some of the costs because you can ask them to bring a small dish or dessert.

How To Save Money For Kids Parties

Get Crafty
After you make your shopping list and you know what everyone is bringing to the party, make a list of things you can do yourself and get crafty. DIY projects may take some time, but they can save some serious cash. The invitations can be made for less than $20, the cake can be made with a little step-by-step instructions found online, and decorations can even be made with things you have lying around in your craft room or closet. There are a lot of free printable decorations and invitations you can find online.

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