How To Save On Diapers – Simple Ways To Save Now

One of the biggest expenses a parent faces with a new baby is diaper expenses. They aren’t cheap yet they are necessary. So, what can you do to cut costs so you do not go over your budget? They can try to save money on diapers, of course. If you’re wondering how, check out some of our tips below.

How to Save on Diapers - Simple ways to start saving now

How To Save On Diapers

Cloth Diaper

It may seem like a yucky alternative, or an impossibly difficult choice, but you should know that cloth diapers have come a long way and there are dozens of sanitary options that can do the job just as well as disposable diapers. Plus, you can spend roughly $400 and never buy a diaper again! They grow with your child and can be used for subsequent children, so what you spend on diapers one time is all you ever spend on diapers. It may be a daunting bill to pay up front, but it saves lots of money in the long run, and you can start out slowly. Many parents that cloth diaper even have a stash of disposables for overnight stays and out-of-the-house trips. This will still cost you money for the disposable, of course, but it will cut down the costs. If you are going this route tale a look at our Cloth Diaper Tips.

save money on diapers

Buy In Bulk

You know you’ll need the diapers, so buy in bulk. Even if you’re afraid of your child growing out of a size before you could use them all, save them for other children you may have. Either way, buying diapers in bulk can cut your costs almost in half.

Buy Online

Many online sites will offer some great deals on diapers, so check them out. Be sure to read reviews before purchasing, though, so that you know you’re ordering from a reputable company and really getting a deal on diapers. If you are addicted to Amazon like I am then you need to check out becoming an Amazon Mom. They have an excellent subscribe & save program that will not only save you money on diapers but automatically ship them to your house.

Use Coupons

Everyone knows that I am a HUGE fan of getting a good deal or saving money when I can. I absolutely love using coupons, especially on diapers. I honestly do not know how parents do not use coupons. You can save a ton of money on baby gear with coupons. When you’re a new mom, you get bombarded with deals, offers, and coupons. Don’t throw them away! You can use them, or if they’re for a brand you don’t use you can always sell the coupon at a discount to a friend that does use them, making some cash for your diaper stash. I love using coupons to stock-up on diapers when I find a great price. This way I know I am getting a great deal on an item we will definitely use.

Buy Off-Brand

There are off-brand diapers that work just as well as the brand name diapers and they can be half the cost. Read reviews, get information from friends, and try out samples from companies (which you can get for free) to see what works for you. I have tried numerous drug store diapers and have been very pleased with most of them. Every child is different so it will be a process to find out which ones you like best.

how to save money on diapers

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How to Save on Diapers - Simple ways to start saving now

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  1. Great tips! Costco can be awesome – I recently saw diapers on sale for 11 cents each (size 1) which is better than Huggies and Pampers prices on Amazon. Another great way to save on diapers is to potty train earlier – if your kiddo is ready. I was so happy to give up that expense about a month after my daughter turned 2! I have friends that put it off just because it was a pain and if you add up the expense – whoa!
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  2. Target sometimes has deals on their store-brand (“Up & Up”) diapers where if you buy 2 boxes of diapers, you get a $15 Target gift certificate.

  3. I disagree with store brands working just as well as brand name diapers. Target and Walmart store brands are junk. I wasted more diapers than I used because they just came apart while trying to put them on. I might as well have spent full price for the brand names, the cost per diaper used would have been cheaper. We now are now a loyal luvs user. They are more durable than those store brands and cost less than pampers or huggies. I have not tried BRU or Costco brand because of my experience with store brands.

  4. My daughter in law used the new cloth diapers that grow with your child. There are a lot of sites that do sell them gently used. She has never been burned with buying used. She never received any that had stains. You might include that there are certain instructions on washing them that help keep them clean, stain free and absorbent. Gain regular is suggested, but I did use Purex as I was unable to find Gain HE in my area. Hang on line and let the sun bleach them to dry. Other times to save on dryer expense, I just hung in basement over a drying rack and they were dry the next morning. Do not use fabric softener as it will mess with the absorbance. It was helpful to my daughter in law to purchase enough in the beginning that she kept enough at my house since i babysat for the twins while she and my son worked. I didn’t mind helping out with a load of diapers a few times a week.

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