Importance of Monitoring Your Credit Score

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I am always sharing tips to help you save money and ways that you can manage your money, but one thing I rarely talk about is the importance of keeping a good watch on your credit score to manage your debt. Having debt is like having a huge rain cloud constantly hovering above. It is easy to get into debt, but very hard to get out of it.


Credit Sesame

I am sure most of you know the significance of having a good credit score, but do you actually know what your credit score is right now? Most people understand the importance of having a high credit score, but they never take the time to monitor the score and take the necessary steps to maintain a good credit report. Did you know that your credit report can change daily? Staying on top of your credit report can not only help to save you money in the long-run, but it can help you to get lower monthly payments on future loans. In order to gain control of your financial standing you need to monitor your credit report to protect your score.

This is where Credit Sesame comes into the picture. Credit Sesame will guard your credit against identity theft with free daily credit monitoring of your credit report. I love that this service is easy and free and does not require a credit card to sign-up. One of my favorite features of this site are the emails they will send you when accounts are opened in your name. A few years ago my husband had trouble with credit cards being opened in his name and address, but with a different middle initial. It affected his credit score and we struggled for awhile to sift through all the problems that arose from that happening. If we had Credit Sesame back then it would have been MUCH easier and we would have been aware of the problem as soon as it happened.

Credit Sesame


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