How To Keep Up With Your Laundry

This post was sponsored by Simple Green who helps to keep my home and the world clean. I was compensated for the post, but all opinions are 100% mine. 

v=How To Keep Up With Your Laundry

I am constantly struggling to keep my kids clothes looking like new. With three boys it is difficult to find products that effectively work to remove their stains. I swear they walk outside and just attract dirt!

I honestly do laundry EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is the only way that I can keep up otherwise my laundry room would be a disaster. On a normal day my family has over 12 outfits including pajamas and their clothing for the day. This does not even include the days where my boys decide they need to change a few times, spill on themselves or my youngest decides to have a REALLY bad diaper!



Not to mention when we have Soccer and my two older boys love being out on the field and finding mud puddles and sliding in the grass.


If your family is similar to ours than I am sure you understand that keeping up with your laundry is a MUST. Even though I hate doing it I will make sure I have done 1 load of laundry every day. Even if that means folding it at midnight. I also, incorporate my kids as much as possible. They love helping out around the house and laundry is on their chore list.

Doing laundry every day really adds up. Finding both an affordable laundry detergent and one that will keep our clothes looking like new is a task. I was sent a bottle of Simple Green’s Sunshine Fresh Laundry Detergent to try out. I honestly have never tried this brand of laundry detergent and was surprised with how good it actually smelled. Not only does it smell fresh in the bottle, but the scent stays on your clothing. I feel like I always put a lot of fabric softener in with our clothing for it to stay fresh, but with the Simple Green Sunshine Fresh Laundry Detergent I could smell my clothes in the hall closet. You also do not have to sacrifice your budget getting an effective detergent.

Plus, this laundry detergent is environmentally responsible and biodegradable. Right now you can take the selfie challenge for a chance to win a NEW LG Washer & Dryer from Simple Green and The Home Depot.


To Enter the #SimpleGreenSelfie Contest: {US resident ONLY}

  • Purchase a 100oz bottle of Simple Green Sunshine Fresh Scent Laundry Detergent at The Home Depot (in store or online).
  • Take a photo of yourself, the product and your receipt from The Home Depot.
  • Post the photo on Instagram or Twitter tagged #SimpleGreenSelfie and @SimpleGreen.
  • Make sure to follow @SimpleGreen on Twitter and Instagram so that you can easily be notified if you won.


Also, there is a Simple Green Sunshine Fresh Scent Laundry Detergent Mail-In-Rebate that you can redeem to get $8.98 back when you purchase two or more 100oz bottles of the laundry detergent.

What do you struggle with when it comes to doing laundry?


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