Laundry Room Makeover – Design Ideas

Are you looking to update your laundry room or give it a total makeover. Below you will find our laundry room transformation from the paint we used to the decorations in it.

laundry room makeover

Our Laundry Room Makeover

laundry room makeover

Since we have moved into our new house a year and a half ago our laundry room had become a place where literally everything was dumped. Anything that I did not have a spot for was put into our laundry room in hopes of getting to it someday. Well, that someday has finally come!

I was fed up with not having a place to fold our clean laundry or keep our laundry room necessities. It was definitely time for an overhaul.

I am very disappointed to tell you that my computer some how ate my Before picture! Hopefully, I will be able to recover it, but in the meantime just think of the most disorganized laundry room you could possibly think of!

My husband and I began by clearing everything out of the room! Not only did it force me to find the proper place for everything else that was dumped here, but it seriously freed up a lot of space!

We started by painting the room. My sister had leftover paint from her bedroom that she just re-did so I was lucky to score this color that I adored. I do not know the exact color name because it was a color match but here is a picture of the label. Pleased don’t mind how dirty the top looks it was kept in her in garage.

laundry room makeover

We are pretty limited on space in our laundry room so my husband and I tried to come up with the best possible way of re-arranging it to make it more efficient. I was a little disappointed to find out that it just was not feasible to move the washer and dryer below the window and we had to stick to the current layout.

To make more room for storage, my husband installed white cabinets above our appliances and an Ikea Lack shelf right below it. The shelf was more for decorative purposes but it gave me room to hold some of our laundry supplies. He then made the crown molding on the top to finish it off.

laundry room makeover

The cabinets have our laundry supplies, cleaning items, vaporizer and a few other things neatly organized.

laundry room makeoverlaundry room makeover

Luckily I had a few bins that we used to use in other parts of the house so I was able to snag those to hold some of our cleaning supplies. I also made one of the bins a place for all of our lost socks. I honestly do not know how we are always losing a sock. They both go into the washer but yet when I go to mate them there is only 1! Low and behold I will put them all in here. I was given the decals from kidecals for our new laundry room so I thought this was the perfect place for then since the labels are chalkboard I am able to change them up when needed.

On the shelf, I used glass containers: 1 for laundry pods, 1 for change {that somehow ALWAYS gets washed} and 1 for clothes pins. The tin on the end holds our dryer sheets.

We also added an Ikea Expedit storage unit along with bins I purchased from there as well. I absolutely love the bins from Ikea. We also have them in our playroom and they are very durable and inexpensive.

laundry room makeover

I liked having this extra storage for blankets and some of our summer beach towels. Hidden next to the dryer is our dirty clothes hamper, which is a basket that I was given when we got married and a small garbage can.

laundry room makeover

Underneath the window is a small area to fold clothes. We originally were going to remove this from the room but I think it fits pretty nice and gives me some space to actually fold the clothes.

laundry room makeover

I was able to add a tension rod in-between the cabinets and the wall so I had a place to hang our clothes to dry. When my husband was younger he found these 2 old bottles buried in the dirt and has held onto them ever since. The one on the left is actually a Clorox bottle and the other one is not marked. I thought they were perfect to keep in here for decoration. Next to those is a framed stain sheet that I got from Martha Stewart’s website. I can honestly say that I am horrible when it comes to doing laundry so this is a necessity.

laundry room makeover

My MOST FAVORITE part of the entire room is the chandelier! Look how pretty!

laundry room makeover

I know your probably thinking putting a chandelier in a laundry room is a bit overkill because you bring filthy clothes and dirt into that room, but I desperately needed something to be pretty and elegant in the room.

Here are a couple of the decorative items that I added throughout the room.

laundry room makeover

laundry room makeover

laundry room makeover

laundry room makeover

I bought the carpet from Target because I absolutely loved the different patterns and colors it had and it fit perfectly in our room. Overall, I am extremely happy with the way the room turned out! We were able to make enough storage space to keep the room organized. Now I don’t have an excuse not to do the laundry!

laundry room makeover

laundry room makeover

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Have you ever re-did your laundry room? Please share any laundry room organization tips you use!

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  1. Wow I love it . I really need a laundry room make over . That’s on room I never cared about but use everyday ..

  2. I love the laundry room – Beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that looks as beautiful as yours. Maybe the picture could be used for something laundry related in a magazine. 🙂 Great job – 2 thumbs up for you and your husband.

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