Law Bans Strangers From Touching Pregnant Belly


Law Bans Strangers From Touching Pregnant Belly

I am not really sure why strangers feel the need to rub and grope a pregnant belly? I have been pregnant three times and all three times I consistently had people touching my pregnant stomach. Since when is it okay to go up and touch someone you have never met and rub their belly?

I find it extremely strange! Not only do I not know you, but you are rubbing MY stomach. You aren’t touching my baby. It is an extremely awkward moment. For anyone reading this – NEVER touch a woman’s pregnant belly that you do not know! I understand that people do not mean any harm by doing it, but it is just downright strange.

The most common place for me was at the grocery store. Every single person felt the need to rub my belly. It is a HUGE invasion of my personal space.

To my surprise, Pennsylvania {the state I live in!} has a law banning strangers from touching pregnant women’s bellies. Although I dislike when it happened, I NEVER thought there was a law banning someone from doing it. It must have been really bad for Pennsylvania to have to pass a law. I read that their was a harassment charge that brought about this law being renewed.

Have you had people rub your pregnant belly? Do you thin it should be illegal for some to grope a pregnant woman’s belly?

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