Learn How to Make Money Doing Laundry

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Learn how you can make money doing laundry.


When I started Laundry Care, my goal was simple:  To earn extra money for my family without spending time away from them.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  I was the kid with the lemonade stand, the tween neighborhood babysitter, the teenager selling homemade friendship bracelets, etc.

So, naturally, when I couldn’t find a work-from-home opportunity that fit my life, I decided to create my own business based on what I already know and do – laundry. I started Laundry Care on a shoestring budget.  I designed a very basic website, made some flyers and posted them around our college campus.  Soon enough, one client came, then another and it wasn’t long before I had 20 clients keeping me busy.  In the beginning, I focused on providing my clients a reliable service with a personalized touch at an affordable price. The response was fantastic.  Clients were pleased with my service and I was making the extra money I wanted.

It wasn’t long before I realized there could be much more to Laundry Care.  I knew from my experience that this business model could succeed practically anywhere. That’s when I began to share my experience with other moms who wanted to work from home and liked doing laundry.  A new mission was born: helping women find fulfilling work without giving up time with their families  – it is my proudest achievement and something I pursue everyday.


Building Our Network

Laundry Care is expanding to 20 new markets this year alone.  My team and I are looking for talented, driven women who want to start a home based business. This opportunity is a perfect fit for SAHMs and women entrepreneurs.


How Laundry Care Works

Laundry Care is a Partnership Network.  This means many aspects of running a typical business are handled by our Home Office including:

  • Client sign up and dispatch
  • Accounting
  • Payment processing
  • Invoicing
  • Website management
  • SEO
  • Marketing materials design/ creation
  • Business coaching
  • Securing national contracts

Imagine having a devoted support staff– with an accountant, marketing team, webmaster, SEO specialist, business coach, research analyst, executive assistant–to help run your business.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  This allows our local partners to focus on simply providing high quality laundry service, managing their pick up + delivery schedule and maintaining client relationships.


Laundry Care Partners are paid WEEKLY per bag of laundry processed.  On average, Partners earn about $100-$250, some seasoned Partners earning over $600.


More Laundry Care Benefits

  • NO Expensive investment
  • NO Pushy sales pitch
  • NO Parties to plan or host
  • NO Extra equipment required
  • NO Inventory to buy or store
  • NO Training needed
  • NO Administrative work
  • NO Complicated facts to memorize
  • NO On-going fees or purchases
  • NO Keeping track of invoices
  • Simple, stress-free work
  • Low startup cost
  • Immediate earning potential
  • Continuous Support
  • High volume repeat business
  • Prompt weekly payments
  • Search Optimized Web Page
  • Flexible schedule

Do you want to learn more about partnering with Laundry Care?  Please visit our website for more info or to apply.

Learn how you can make money doing laundry.

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  1. It’s an interesting model, but I definitely don’;t want someone else touching my panties. I will just do my own laundry for now 😉

    1. @Robin-LOL…I totally understand your hesitation with the undies! We’ve had some clients that give us everything BUT their unmentionables- -AT FIRST. We know doing your laundry can be, well, intimate. That’s why we develop a “relationship,” of sorts, with each of our clients. We know each of them by name and value their trust. You’ll have the same provider handling your laundry every time. You’ll know their name and see their smiling face arrive at your door to pick-up your laundry bag(s)every time! Plus, we are a women-powered business…we handle your panties just like we handle our own! 🙂

    1. @Stacie-We’d love to help you out! Check the location tabs on our website…we may have service available in your area. We’re in the process of expanding and want to bring our *awesome* service to cities and towns that could benefit from our unique laundry experience. If you’re not in a current Laundry Care service area, feel free to use the feedback form on the website (or respond to this comment) and tell us your location!

    1. @Kecia-Your’e absolutely right! There’s ALWAYS a demand for laundry service. That’s why we feel confident that Laundry Care’s business model can be successful practically anywhere and help our local Partners earn extra income. Let me know if you have any interest or would like to learn more. 🙂

  2. I haven’t heard about laundry services in ages. I know it was a thing when my parents were younger. I can see where it would still be a handy service to have. I probably wouldn’t give someone my undergarmets though. I’ll wash those myself. I dont mind doing laundry, but I am not sure I could do that much laundry a week and keep my sanity.
    Chrystal recently posted..Ginger BallsMy Profile

    1. @Chrystal- It can be a lot of laundry… however, that weekly paycheck certainly helps– perhaps even eliminates the potential loss of sanity LOL. We have some great strategies to make each part of the process more efficient. Also, you’re able to control the amount of laundry/ number of clients you take on, as well as your service area/ range. Our Lead Partners share their experience and expertise with each of the local Partners to make sure things are running smoothly and to help problem-solve along the way. Let me know if you’d like to know more! 🙂

  3. There’s definitely a need for this service. I see wanted ads in the paper all the time looking for people to do their laundry. Me, I hate doing it, so it’s not something I could see myself doing for a living, but I am sure there are others who would find the work enjoyable!
    Theresa recently posted..Little RandomsMy Profile

  4. What a unique business idea. I like it! We have well water here, so no one would come to our place for laundry. phooey 😉

  5. what an interesting concept! It may not be for me, since I would n’t want someone going through my dirty laundry; but I can see how beneficial it would be for an elderly person, or a busy professional

    1. @Anne- Where are you located? I’m happy to do a little research about your area and let you know the potential! In general, our business model can succeed anywhere there are people who wear clothes 🙂 You can learn more at LaundryCare.BIZ/join or reply to this comment and I’ll get in touch to share more info and answer your questions!

    1. @christina- Have you had a chance to check out our website -LaundryCare.BIZ/join-? Lots of info about how it works and what to expect. We’d certainly love to have an excited entrepreneurial lady such as yourself join our Laundry Care family! Let me know if you have any questions!

      1. Amazing to come across your page. I love doing laundry and haven’t actually though of doing so like this as well. I’d love to know more about this opportunity . I look forward to reading more about this business. I’m in chicago.

  6. Great idea! I have a baby ready to come any time now, and may need to look into this a bit further in the future (when I get a handle on being a mom). Although would being in an apartment (and using their complex washers/dryers) be an issue?
    Bethany recently posted..ChangesMy Profile

  7. I am so interested in doing this. Going to take a look at the website. I feel like we need just a little extra income, but we are also passionate about homeschooling our kids, which puts restraints on what kind of job I can get. This could be the perfect fit for me!

  8. How big is a bag? Is it like one load? And do you have to use certain products or does the customer buy them? $20 doesn’t seem like a lot if you have to buy your own laundry detergent/softner

  9. I’m interested!!! I’d love to know more, this would be prefect for my schedule with my baby just starting kindergarten half day, not a lot of time to find a regular 9-5.

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