Magazines that Hire Freelance Writers

If you are a freelance writer, you may be looking for other avenues to showcase your work and make money. Have you ever considered submitting articles to a magazine? There are many magazines that hire freelance writers that you may be surprised to see.

You may be thinking that magazines have a bunch of writers on their staff and they would not consider working with a freelancer, but that is really not the case. There are many magazines that contract freelance writers. If you are interested in one particular magazine you can try visiting their website and see if there is a list of guidelines for you to follow or look in the actual magazine for a section titled “Our Writers.”

The compensation can vary depending on the magazine and a few of them do not offer payment at all. Although having your articles published may be payment enough for some people, but I did see a few magazines that offer between $500 – $1000 per article. Keep in mind this is just a range and it is for featured articles. Not every submission would pay this amount, nor is it a guarantee that your article will be accepted.

Did you know that magazines hire freelance writers? Take a look at these magazines and find out how much they pay per article.

There will usually be information listed if they accept articles from freelance writers. You can submit a query to the magazine and wait to see if you are accepted. Make sure to follow all of the guidelines because if you miss even one, your query can be discarded for not following the rules. Many of the magazines that I have come across want you to mail in submissions and information. Be prepared the process not take fairly long. There are a few that do accept online entries, but the topics of the magazine may be more specific. Not sure where you can start? Here are 5 magazines that hire freelance writers and a summary of their submission guidelines (taken directly from their websites). Click the links for the full guidelines.

Magazine that Hire Freelance Writers:

1. Harper’s Magazine: Writers should send queries accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Do not send nonfiction manuscripts or poetry that is unsolicited by them. They will consider unsolicited fiction.

2. Fit Pregnancy Magazine: Read the magazine and know exactly what you are presenting to the magazine. Let them know what is special about your idea and why their readers need to see it.

3. Yes! Magazine: They prefer electronic submissions. Send samples of your writing, especially pieces that have been published when you submit your query. Showcasing your best possible work can really help them to see your writing style.

4. Cat Fancy Magazine: If you are a true cat lover this may be a great option. Read the magazine and get familiar with the type of writing and articles they feature.

5. American Baby Magazine:  This magazine caters to parents of children 2 and under. When you submit a query, make sure to send samples of any work that you have had published.
This is just a small list but there are a lot of magazines that hire freelance writers. Start by looking at the magazine’s website and see if they accept queries from freelance writers. Submit queries to every magazine that you would be interested in writing for. You never know when you will see your name under a headline in your favorite magazine.

Do you know of any other magazines that hire freelance writers?

Did you know that magazines hire freelance writers? Take a look at these magazines and find out how much they pay per article.


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