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We all have clothes laying around that we hold onto thinking we may wear again. Or have bins full of kids clothing that they have outgrown. Rather than holding onto these items why not make money selling them. In this article I am going to show you how you can make money selling your clothes online.

Recently, I made the mistake of taking some of the baby clothing that we had to a local consignment shop. I guess I was just being lazy and thought this would be the easier option. Even though it was simple, I got a fraction of the amount I would have received selling these items online. Lesson learned. I had a bunch of name brand items that even still had tags left on them. I definitely will not be making that mistake again.


Want to clean out your closet and make money? Check out these sites where you can make money online selling your used clothing.

So, I wanted to search for places that I could make money selling our clothes online so that I do not desperately head to a place that will only give me a few bucks.

Below is the list I came up of place to make money selling clothing online. There were a few places that I cam across that even let you trade items! Some only accept adult clothing too so make sure you read through the site’s terms.


Make Money Selling Clothes Online:

eBay – Of course, I feel like this is the most obvious option that pops into most people’s mind when they think about selling online. If you have an account and are familiar with eBay that try selling your used clothing to make some extra cash – This is an online consignment store. They accept kids apparel and women’s clothing. On their site it says that the average box sent to them earns $150. allows you to set the price of your items too.

Couture – Although this consignment is for designer items which are higher priced it is definitely worth checking out. They offer a full-service fashion-forward designer consignment marketplace for women and men. As one of the largest designer pre-owned luxury boutiques in the world, Couture offers top dollar for specialized designer handbags, jewelry, and accessories. Couture sells items on their website, eBay, and in the retail store in Tampa.

ThredUp – Again this site handles everything for you. Package up your clothing and send it in and they will do the rest. They do have a section for kids clothing on their site as well. Again, they have restrictions when it comes to brands, but this is definitely a site I am going to check out.


As I was searching I came across a lot of online places specifically for kids clothing. I was also pleasantly surprised to find sites where I could buy some of their clothing for really cheap as well. I have used a few sites in the past, but did not feel like I was getting a great deal.

There is still the option of selling and buying clothes on Craigslist. Even though it is online you still have the local aspect about it since you do meet up with someone within your city to make the purchase or sale.

I would love to know what online sites you use to make money selling your clothing, please share in the comments below about your experiences.


Want to clean out your closet and make money? Check out these sites where you can make money online selling your used clothing.

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  1. This is cool to have some many sites that sell second and clothes. I will surely look more into each to see where I can sell some of the clothes I bought, but have not used, but too late to return t the merchants I bought them from

  2. Hello Adeline, thanks for making this post very interesting. I really enjoyed reading and learning the procedure of making money and selling clothes online. Although I’m selling clothes through eBay and Amazon. Both these platforms are very big and helping me earn money for living.

  3. Wow, great post Adeline! Thanks so much for sharing all of these really awesome tips! I hadn’t thought to sell my clothes online but it definitely sounds like another great way to make a little extra cash!

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