Maternity Fashion Must Haves

Fashion must haves for when you are pregnant. Not only are maternity clothes expensive but you only wear them for 9 months and you outgrow them throughout that time period. I have come up with a list of maternity fashion must haves. Instead of spending a ton of money on uncomfortable clothes that you will not wear that often, purchase a few pieces that are versatile and can help you make it throughout your pregnancy.

fashion must haves

Maternity Fashion Must Haves

Having a few stylish maternity essentials is important because you can wear them often by pairing them with other items. If you have shopped for maternity clothes before you know how expensive they can be. I do like to still wear nice clothes when I am pregnant but I hate paying the high price tag. Here are a few suggestions that will help you make it through the next 9 months.

Fashion Must Haves – Pregnancy Style:

Dress – Go for a dress with a high waist but a loose fit. Wearing a dress always makes you look like you got ready for an event that you are going to with minimal effort. This style dress will also leave you room to grow throughout your pregnancy and it gathers below your chest so it gives you a nice shape. Pair it with a nice blazer or a cute sweater.

Skirt – Try to find a comfortable skirt in a basic color so that it can be worn with several different outfits. Be sure to find one with a stretchy waistband. I like having a nice maternity skirt because I can tuck a fitted tank top into it or wear a blouse with the skirt to dress it up even more. I also have found some really cheap fitted skirts that I can wear everyday with flip flops.

fashion must haves


Slip On Shoes – Having comfortable shoes is a huge priority on my list. You will definitely agree with me when you have swollen feet and ankles. Although it is nice to wear ballet flats they do not always give you the support you need. Try to find a nice pair of flats in a solid color that you can wear often.

Leggings – Leggings are definitely one of my maternity fashion must haves. Even if you are not pregnant during the winter months these are nice to wear with long fitted tank tops or shirts that cinch at the bottom. Not only are they comfortable but you can wear them with so many different tops.

Belly Band This is honestly one of the best items you can have when you are pregnant. They are a stretchy material and allow you to wear a lot of your normal clothes into your pregnancy. I was able to wear my normal jeans till about halfway using a belly band because this would hold my jeans up without me having to zipper must haves


Jewelry – Great jewelry can make any outfit look like you put in more effort than you did to get ready. You can put on a pair of maternity jeans with a white shirt and pair it with a chunky necklace to make the outfit not so plain. The best part about jewelry is you will NOT outgrow it!

fashion must haves

I also like having comfortable pregnancy clothes like a nice pair of yoga pants and a fitted cami but I feel much better about myself when I am dressed and ready and did not have to sacrifice style just because I am pregnant. Making it through all of the changes when you are pregnant can be difficult. With a few fashion must haves you will feel much better about gaining that extra weight because you can conceal it and still be comfortable. All of these styles can be purchased from Amazon.maternity fashion must haves


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Please share with us come of your maternity fashion must haves in the comments below!

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