Memorial Day For Kids

Memorial Day for kids – activities and ways to teach them about the holiday. As a parent it is our job to educate our children about importance of this holiday. Most kids only think of it as another day off of school. Below you will find some great ideas and activities for Memorial Day for kids.

Memorial Day For Kids

Memorial Day is a day to remember all the soldiers that have died fighting for our country. Unfortunately, most kids only think of Memorial Day as an extra day out of school when we go to BBQ’s and have a good time. The meaning of the holiday is lost on them, even though they learn about it in school. Here are a few things you can do to teach your kids about Memorial Day and give them a better understanding of what this holiday really stands for.

Memorial Day For Kids:

First, talk to them. Explain the history of Memorial Day to them. If your history is a little rusty, feel free to Google it. Talk to your kids about all of the soldiers that fought for our freedom. Discuss how scary it probably was and how brave they were, and talk about how their families felt. Just get them talking about it. Explain that Memorial Day is more about remembering than celebrating and take a moment with them to remember all the soldiers we lost.

If you have an American flag outside your home the flag should be lowered to the mid-way point of the flag pole until noon on Memorial Day. Explain to your kids that this is a way to honor the soldiers on this day. If your town has a Memorial Day Parade, take your kids or watch the National Memorial Day Parade on TV.

There are lots of Memorial Day Crafts like American Flags for your little ones to get in the spirit of learning. Your older kids can write a letter to a soldier thanking them for their services or just to say hi. Our soldiers love to receive mail! The most important thing is that you teach them what Memorial Day is all about. It’s more than a day off, a cookout or a sale at the mall, it’s a day to remember those who lost their lives for our country and for us.

Do you have any ideas for having a Memorial Day for kids, please share in the comments below.

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