Embarrassing Mom Confessions: I Have Peed In A Diaper

Do you have any embarrassing mom confessions? We would love to share your confession with our readers. Motherhood can be challenging, rewarding and embarrassing at times. Below you will read about one of my embarrassing mom confessions!

Mom Confessions: I Peed In A Diaper

Mom Confessions: I Peed In A Diaper


This past Summer it was a really nice day and I decided to take my 2 boys to the park. We decided to go to a more secluded park where we would be the only ones there playing and would have the park to ourselves. At the time I was 6 months pregnant, and thought it would be nice to sit at the park and enjoy the day.

We honestly were only there about 10 minutes when I realized that I had to pee REALLY bad! This particular park has bathrooms, but they keep them locked unless their is a sporting event going on. There was not even a port-a-john to use. I did not want to have to pack the boys back up into the car and drive home and I knew I would NOT make it anyways.

I resorted to using my son’s diaper!


I did not have a choice because I was about to pee my pants. I got into the backseat of our car and used my son’s diaper to pee in. Luckily, the park is small and my car was parked close to where my kids were playing, so I was able to keep them in my view the whole time. This is honestly one of the most embarrassing moments and I was NOT planning on sharing this story with anyone until one of my friends, who is also a Mom, recently told me how she used a diaper to pee in when they were traveling.

It is definitely a relief to know that I am not {that} weird or the only one that has had to do something like this!

“I’d like to be the ideal mother, but I’m too busy raising my kids.” – Unknown

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  1. I did this just today, actually. I’m a single guy in Ontario, Canada.

    I was cleaning the toilet. I have hard water so I have to use this cleaning fluid that needs to sit in the toilet for a couple hours. Needing to go to the bathroom while cleaning the toilet isn’t usually a problem, but since today was a hot day I had been drinking a lot of water. Half an hour after pouring in the toilet cleaning acid, I really had to go.

    I only have one bathroom and couldn’t go in the backyard because it isn’t fenced and there are little kids next door.

    I don’t have any close friends who have children and a while ago I got curious about what certain diapers were like so I bought some, which is how I happened to have them around today.

    I eventually had to go so bad that I got out a few diapers, stood in the back of the bathtub, held them in position, and peed. It was weird, and it took me a while to empty my bladder, but hey, what else was I supposed to do. Like you, now I know it works if I’m ever in that situation again.
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  2. I am actually having to babysit right now and the family who I babysit for are having toilet issues so some plumbers are here now so I’m wearing a few of the baby’s diapers ( one the middle, one towards the front and one towards the back)

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