What Mom REALLY Wants For Mothers Day

What Mom Really Wants For Mothers Day


Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and the stress of making the day perfect is starting. I love the idea behind the holiday but I hate that it has become very commercialized. The pressure to spend a lot of money and get an extravagant gift is completely overrated. Mother’s Day should be a fun day spent with the family to show your love and appreciation.

As a mom, I do not expect great things on Mother’s Day. A few simple gestures will do just fine. Here is my list of what mom REALLY wants for Mothers Day:

 What Mom REALLY Wants For Mother’s Day

1. Nap – Yes, this seems very simple. I cannot even tell you that last time I took a nap? Who knows if I actually could take a nap during the day, but I would LOVE to have the time to try!

2. Homemade Card – A simple card made by my kids is one of the best gifts I can get. I love when they proudly give me their card and explain to me the pictures that have made for me on the card. It is also a great gift that I can put away and save.

3. Uninterrupted Shower – Again, this may seem very easy, but for some reason every time I am in the shower someone needs me. For example, a commercial came on during their cartoon and I NEED to fast forward it at that exact moment! Please please please let me take a uninterrupted shower on Mothers Day!!

4. Sleep In – When I say sleeping in I mean anything past 5:30AM, I’ll take 6AM 6:30AM. Many people would not consider that sleeping in but I surely would!

5. Family Time – This is by far the number one thing that mom REALLY wants for Mother’s Day this year. A day spent with the people she loves the most is the BEST possible gift you can give her {in my opinion}. Sometimes we become to wrapped up in our day to day lives with work, school, sports and other activities. Take the day to relax and enjoy the time together without worrying about having a schedule.



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