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Have you made the decision to monetize your blog or website, but not sure where to start? There are a TON of different networks and platforms that you can use to make money. As a blogger I am always looking for new ways to monetize my site ,which mean that I collaborate with a lot of different networks. It is difficult trying to keep up with all of my accounts and memberships for each different site. My biggest problem is finding an affiliate company who can offer everything I need in one place…. until now!

moms affiliate

Recently, I joined Moms Affiliate. They offer several different ways that you can monetize your site all in one place. Not only is it easy to use, but you have options so that you can pick which methods work best for you and your blog. You may find that certain ways of monetizing work best on your site and other do not, but with Moms Affiliate you have those choices to test out.

What does Moms Affiliate Offer?

Below you will find some of the unique ways you can utilize Moms Affiliate to monetize your blog.

  • Programs – They offer a variety of different advertisers that you can choose to promote on your site. You can earn a commission for any sales made from your link. These programs are a nice way to add affiliate income into your posts to make some extra cash.
  • Articles – With Moms Affiliate you can decide if you want to write sponsored posts on your site. Take a look at their articles section and choose which topics would fit your blog. All of the guidelines are written out and easy to understand so that you know exactly what is expected of you for that post. All you have to do is apply for the article. If you are picked you can easily submit your article to be approved by the advertiser then get paid!
  • Banners – Selling ad space is nice supplemental income for any site. Decide which programs best fit the topics on your site and apply to promote to banners on your blog. After deciding which banners you would like on your blog you can copy the code and add it to a widget.
  • Coupons – Each program offers their own custom coupons and discount codes that you can promote and earn commission.
  • Products – Scan the products they offer and decide if you would like to promote any of them to earn money. All you have to do is join the program and then click share this product.

moms affiliate

A really cool feature of Moms Affiliate is their referral program. You can easily invite your friends to join their program by searching which friends you think would be a good fit. I have been a member of Moms Affiliate for a few weeks and have had a wonderful experience thus far. Each aspect of their affiliate program is simple to use and you are provided payment quickly. It truly is a one stop shop for monetizing your site.

Disclosure: This article was written in collaboration with Moms Affiliate, a network that connects bloggers with brands. All opinions are 100% mine 

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