Money Saving Ideas: How To Save $5 A Day

Check out our money saving ideas on how you can save yourself $5 a day.

Money Saving Ideas: How To Save $5 A Day

Are you having trouble saving money? Does it feel like you never have any money left to save after paying for bills and other expenses? Lots of people feel this way, but for most of them, saving money can easily become a reality. We get used to certain habits and routines and we begin to think of them as a mandatory part of life, but in all actuality we are spending money unnecessarily. Making a simple change can save you money that you thought you did not have. Take a look at some of our ways to save $5 a day.

Money Saving Ideas:

Food and drinks bought outside of the home seem to be the biggest money trap. After dropping the kids off at school or on your way to work you may stop at Starbucks for your morning coffee which can easily cost $5. If you make your coffee at home each morning it is an easy $5 saved every day!

Money Saving Ideas: How To Save $5 A Day

When it is time for lunch you grab a value meal from a local fast food restaurant which is usually about $5. If you make lunch at home at take it with you the savings would really start to add up. If you would put that $5 aside every day you would save over $1300 a year. Make a salad or take leftovers from last night’s dinner for a simple lunch that does not cost you an extra money. The same goes for the kids. Make lunches and snacks at home and save the money instead of having them pay for lunch at school and after school snacks. Depending on how many children you have, this can save more than $5 a day.

 Do you go out every Friday and Saturday night? Staying home 1 of those nights each week can save you $5 a day or more.  Whether it is going to dinner, having drinks with friends, going to a concert or going to a movie you can cut back to save a TON of money. If you spend $35 on entertainment each week that is your $5 a day savings for the week. So try to only go out one night on weekends and on the other plan a nice night at home. You will save $5 a day and also give yourself time to enjoy some relaxation and maybe even get some things done around the house.

There are so many little ways to save $5 a day. If you think that you do not have $5 a day to save, start to keep track of every dollar you spend for the next month. Use our free monthly budget template to figure out where you are spending your money. At the end of the month look back and see what you could have done without. It is easier to spend than to save for most of us, but when you start to really look at what and where you are spending your money it will make you more aware and help you find ways to save $5 a day.


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