Money Saving Mom – What Makes Me A Frugal Fanatic

I am a money saving mom who enjoys living a frugal lifestyle. There are many things that make me a Frugal Fanatic. Before I show you why being frugal make my family and I happy I want you to know that being frugal does not mean you are cheap. It is a lifestyle that is both challenging and rewarding.

money saving mom

Frugal Fanatic – Choose to Be a Money Saving Mom

There are so many aspects of our life that have changed since we focused on being frugal. Here is what makes me a Frugal Fanatic:

Being Proactive – Frugality takes commitment. You cannot be proactive in living a frugal lifestyle if you have not made the commitment to do so. This can be a hard decision because it does entail many cutbacks and changes, but if you are proactive in achieving your families goals then you will be focused enough to achieve them.

Having a Goal – What goals do you have? Do you want to be debt free? Do you want to be a 1 household income? Setting the goals for our family allowed us to focus on our budget. Having a goal gives you a purpose in being a money saving mom or living a frugal lifestyle.

Learning to Say No – This can be hard to do, but once you realize the amount of money that you spend on items that are not necessary you will see the importance of it. I know understand my limits. I used to shop and just buy stuff because it was on sale or because I thought we needed it. Learning to say no has opened my eyes up to how much money I have wasted over the years.

Creativity – Being a frugal fanatic has taught me to be more creative in our everyday lives. There is always a way to make something yourself or get it for cheaper. I have found myself making many more DIY projects and homemade recipes. I was shocked to find out how many homemade cleaning supplies you can actually make. Being creative and learning new ways of thinking an doing things has allowed me to save us money.

Frugality is a lifestyle and you really have to incorporate it into all aspects of your life.

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