Must Have Apps for Pregnancy

Do you have must have apps on your smartphone? Being pregnant can be overwhelming and stressful even if it is not your first time. I know I always have so many questions and I am constantly looking everything up to get answers. Check out these 5 must have apps for when you are pregnant to make the next 9 months less stressful. Available for iPhone and Android.

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4 Pregnancy Must Have Apps

I am always on my phone so it is convenient being able to access pregnancy information anywhere I am. I love being able to open an app and find out the size of my growing baby or get ideas for a baby name. Below you will find a few of the apps I love to use during and after pregnancy.

Must Have Apps:

  1. What To Expect Pregnancy {Free} -Although I have read the book I am constantly referencing it when I encounter a new pregnancy symptom or change. I really like this app because of the daily and weekly tracker that it offers. You can learn about your baby’s growth and development every step of the while as well as all the changes that are occurring to your body. Also, this must have app offers and online community forum for mom’s and soon to be mom’s to ask questions and get answers.
  2. Baby Names {Free} – My husband and I have a lot of trouble when it comes to picking out a baby name that we both like. This is a must have app because you instantly have access to a database full of names that you can filter your search by ancient names, popularity, presidents and more.
  3. Full Term – Labor Contraction Timer {Free} – This is a must have app because it conveniently allows you to time your contractions when you begin to go into labor. Timing your contractions is a major part of knowing if you are actually in labor or not so this app is nice because it allows you to keep a history of your contractions as well as how they have progressed.
  4. Eat Sleep {Free} – This is a great app to have once the baby is born. You can keep track of your new baby’s eating, sleeping an diaper habits. Having a newborn is stressful and it can be hard to remember every time they had a dirty diaper or when the slept last. Make it easier on yourself and use this app to log everything they do.

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Do you have any must have apps to use during pregnancy, please share in the comments below.

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