My BIG Secret Revealed!

If you are one of my awesome newsletter subscribers than you already know this, but the BIG secret that I have been working on for months now is …….I wrote a book!!

Ahhhh!! It is crazy to write this and I get extremely nervous to share this project that I have been working on for quite some time. Since I started my blog, Frugal Fanatic, a few years ago I was constantly getting questions from my readers and other bloggers about blogging. Whether it was about growth strategies or monetization there was always interest in how to blog.

Last month I launched Simply Blogging Along, so that I could have a place to share all of my knowledge and experiences with you. I am extremely grateful for all of the emails and comments that I have been receiving about my new site. It is truly heartwarming to have your support! If you have not yet had a chance go over and check it out. Simply Blogging Along focuses on how to run a successful blog while maintaining balance with your family life.

To take it a step further I thought it would be easy to put all of the information I have learned about starting a blog all the way to the business side of blogging in one place, my new book!

Breakthrough Book

It is called Breakthrough: The Complete Guide to Growing Your Platform & Blogging Your Way To A Full-Time Income and it is launching on June 15th!

Breakthrough is a powerful guideline that provides proven strategies for developing a foundation that will transform your blog into a profitable platform.

I recently started a launch team to help me promote the book, which was sent to my email subscribers first this week. If you are interested in receiving a FREE advanced copy of the book you can see more details here.

My email subscribers will also be the first ones to find out more information about the book including bonuses, free items and even sample text from Breakthrough. If you are not yet signed up for my list you can click here so you do not miss any of the information! 

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