New Christmas Tradition: Hallmark’s Find me, Santa! Snowflake!

I was compensated from Hallmark and wassent the Find me, Santa! Snowflake! to facilitate this post. All opinions are 100% mine.


 Hallmark’s Find me, Santa! Snowflake!

Now that my boys are old enough to understand the whole concept of Santa Claus and Christmas, they have a million questions. Every day I get questions like:

“How does he get into our house?”
“Why do we have to be asleep?”
“How can he give all the kids in the world presents in one night?”
“How will Santa find our home?”
“Will he forget to bring us presents?”
“Was Santa around when the Dinsosaurs lived?”

Yes, they are very curious about how this all works and sometimes I get caught up and panic because I do not know how to answer! I love their curious little minds, but I get nervous that I may say the wrong thing to them about certain Christmas traditions.

Well, this year I have the perfect answer to one of their questions. My boys worry a lot about Santa not being able to find our house. I have the perfect solution: Hallmark’s Find me, Santa! Snowflake!. This snowflake ornament is the perfect way for Santa to find our home. You can customize it with your child’s name and it has color-changing LED lights. It comes with a easy hanging loop that is perfect to put on your Christmas tree or you can even hang it in your window.

 Hallmark’s Find me, Santa! Snowflake!

My boys were absolutely thrilled to see the Find me, Santa! Snowflake! My middle son, Mason, was the most attached to it and he worries the most about Santa not knowing which house is ours, so I personalized it with his name. It does come with an extra name tag, so we probably will be switching the name on it to prevent fights!

 Hallmark’s Find me, Santa! Snowflake!

The  Find me, Santa! Snowflake! has been on our tree since we received it in the mail. They agreed that they want to stick it on our front window on Christmas Eve so that Santa Claus can easily find our house. This will definitely be a new tradition for our family. If you child worries about Santa finding your home or you are looking for a new tradition to start the Find me, Santa! Snowflake! is a perfect way to get your kids excited for Christmas!

 Hallmark’s Find me, Santa! Snowflake!

 Hallmark’s Find me, Santa! Snowflake!

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