Nursery Inspiration – Baby Boy

Nursery Inspiration

Olioboard Nursery Inspiration

Everyday I am trying to find nursery inspiration with  our new baby boy set to arrive in October. I really like the idea of doing teal, orange and gray for the colors.

For the nursery, I really want to incorporate a lot of fun prints and colors. We already have dark nursery furniture and a rocking chair from our other children so we are lucky that we do not have to make any major purchases. I actually would have preferred it to be white and thought about painting it, but it is in use right now! {which is a whole other project – getting a big bed for our oldest}

I also really like an elephant theme and I am hoping to paint one accent wall. Not sure if we will do thick stripes or maybe a fun chevron print.

Nursery Inspiration Ideas:

  • Paint – teal, orange, gray
  • Elephant theme?
  • Prints – Chevron, stripes and other fun prints.
  • Dark furniture
  • Lots of storage for changing table
  • Alphabet frames

I found this awesome site called Olioboard that allows you to create pictures like the one above! You can choose from thousands of items to create a board with all of your items. They allow you to narrow your categories when searching. For example, you can search by bedroom, kitchen, livingroom, etc. or choose by color or brand name. Once you found items you like you just drag them and place it how you want it onto your board. If you are just thinking about adding a few items to a room you can even search their brands for items you currently have in your house to see how well they go together.

Honestly, I love this site! Not only can you put all of the items in 1 place, but it tells you a price and where you can purchase the item. Hopefully we will be starting on nursery soon. You can also check out Baby Shower Ideas and 10 Things I Forgot about Pregnancy.

Have you tried Olioboard for nursery inspiration – please share with us!


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