Online Organizing Tools to Help You Manage Everyday Life

Most of you know that I am a fool for organization. I love finding new ways to organize our lives. With three kids and two dogs I sometimes feel like I will never get our house under control. Somedays I am drowning in dishes and laundry and just seem to keep pushing around the clutter without every organizing our life.

I am sure most of you would agree that you need to be more organized. With work, kids, sporting events, parties, running errands and every day hectic schedules it is important to put an emphasis on organizing.

Take a look at these top 3 online organizing tools. Make everyday life easier by utilizing online organization for your blog and your personal life.


To help you, I am sharing with you some of my favorite online organizing tools that I use to structure our lives. Simple tools can go a long way. Even though I am old-fashioned and still like to have a pen and paper when it comes to using a daily planner I still like to utilize online tools as well. Below you will find 3 of the online organizing tools that I use on a daily basis.

Favorite Online Organizing Tools:

This is one of my all-time favorite online organizing tools to use. You can use Asana on your computer and sync it to your mobile device. Personally, I use it as an everyday to-do list. I love that I have the asana app on my phone so that when I think of something that needs to be done I can schedule the task before I forget.

Another one of my favorite features is that you can create reoccurring tasks. For example, I have daily and monthly blogging tasks that I like complete and I have those each scheduled to reoccur daily, bi-weekly and even monthly. This app makes my life much easier. Even if you do not own a business and you just want to use it for your personal tasks it is simple and easy to use.

This is an excellent way to not only store files but also share them. You can use it to back up your photos and documents and even create folders to share with others. I use this for my blog and personal life a lot. They offer a certain storage amount for free and then you can up your plan and pay a monthly fee. Dropbox is user-friendly and they even have an app that you can use to download onto your mobile device. Here are two ways that I use dropbox:

Personal – My family and I get pictures done a few times a year and our photographer will upload the pictures to Dropbox. Not only is it easy to view them, but since the files are so large she can just send me the link. Plus, I have access to them anywhere online. Also, not sure if you have this problem, but my cell phone is always running out of storage space since I take so many pictures. Dropbox allows you to sync your camera photos and then you can delete them from your device. You can still view the pictures in their app and they will now be backed up online.

Blog – Recently, I wrote the book Breakthrough. My editor and I shared a folder through Dropbox to update the files throughout the entire process. This made it much easier to make changes and updates to all of the documents and images for the book.

Google Drive
This is another easy to organize your life. Google Drive has a wide array of services that you can choose from including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar. etc. This is another service that you can access from anywhere so it makes it simple sync files and collaborate with other. Even though I have self-hosted blogs with my own email {ex.} I still use Gmail and forward everything to one account. From there I can organize my emails into files and by importance. This simple step makes my life so much easier.

Another great feature of using Google Drive is syncing calendars. You can have a personal calendar or business calendar that i viewable by other people. As a blogger, this is perfect for working with my team. And for my family, my husband and I share a calendar where we can both plug-in events and appointments to help us stay on track with each others schedules.


There are a ton of different way that I organize our lives to help me stay on track, but these online tools I like to use every single day. I would love to know how you stay organized. Please share some of your online organizing tools below!


Take a look at these top 3 online organizing tools. Make everyday life easier by utilizing online organization for your blog and your personal life.

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