Organize Your Life with Sharpie

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Home Office Organization with Sharpie

As a work at home mom I often struggle with maintaing organization in our office. Since it is a shared space for both my business and personal items it is extremely important to be as organized as possible so that I do not forget or lose anything important. I am always really busy with running my blog and staying on top of all of my kids doctors appointments, school stuff, playdates and every other event in our lives.

Home Office Organization with Sharpie

Since the majority of my business is done inside of our home I like to make sure our office is organized and everything has a place. With the Summer coming to an end I am planning both my work schedule and family schedule for the next few months. With two out of my three kids going to Preschool it is important that I stay organized while being able to keep up with my business. So, I headed to Staples to pick-up these awesome new Limited Edition Sharpies to help keep my life organized.

Home Office Organization with Sharpie

I was so excited when I found the 80’s Glam Sharpies! Not only are they awesome, but I got a great deal too! Score! This pack has a nice variety of colors. Staples had everything I needed for my home office like these Sharpie Gel highlighters which are perfect because they do not smear.

I am a list maker and need to write everything down or I will forget it. Sharpies allow me to keep my business and personal items together by color coordinating the items on my calendar. My planner has everything I need at my fingertips. I like to use certain colors for business appointments and tasks on my calendar, and then a different color for our personal events. This way I can have it all in one place while still keeping organized. Sharpies are perfect for keeping my hectic schedule organized so that I can run my business from home and still be a mom.

Home Office Organization with Sharpie

Not only do I love using Sharpies for my calendar, but they are perfect for making labels to organize all of my office necessities.

Home Office Organization with Sharpie

Starting on August 10th all Sharpie fine and Ultra fine markers and highlighters will be on sale at Staples {while supplies last}. This is perfect timing for all your back to school needs and organizational projects to get ready for the upcoming school year.

Let us know how you stay organized with Sharpies in the comments below.

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