Picnic Ideas For Kids

With the nice weather finally upon us here are some wonderful picnic ideas for kids.

Picnic Ideas for Kids

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Just the thought of sitting on a blanket spread out with food and drinks and surrounded by friends puts a smile on my face. My kids love having picnics. It has become such a novelty activity for them to partake in. Even though the normal picnic is outside you cannot always do that, so we have come up with some really fun picnic ideas for kids that you can replicate any time.

Next time you need something fun to do with your kids try one of these ideas for some quality, fun family time.

Picnic Ideas for Kids:

Rainy Day Picnic

Spread out a blanket in the living room or family room. Put out a variety of snacks for the kids and pop in a DVD for an indoor, rainy day picnic.


4th of July Picnic

Serve all red, white and blue food and drinks. Make an American flag cake for dessert and don’t forget red, white and blue popsicles! We love making our Patriotic trifle recipe!


Taco Bar Picnic

Set up all the fixings for tacos in containers with lids. Give each child a plate and let them make their own tacos. For dessert, do a fruit salad bar, with cut up fruit, mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips all served in an ice cream cone. This can be done inside or outside!


Dessert Picnic

After dinner, take a family walk and have a dessert picnic. Take a small blanket and find a place close to home. Cookies, cake, fruit or any sweet treat that your kids love will do. Bonus for mom; the walk back home will burn off some of those dessert calories.


Dance Party Picnic

This one is fun because it doesn’t matter what you serve to eat or drink. What really matters is that you bring some music and dance, dance, dance! My kids and I love having an early morning dance party so they would love having a dance picnic.

 Picnic Ideas for Kids

Picnic Under The Stars

Have your picnic in the backyard at night. Bring a couple of flashlights for the kids and enjoy the stars together.


Baseball Picnic

Have a family baseball game or bring a radio along and listen to a baseball game on the radio. Have a picnic with all of the typical baseball foods.  Hot dogs, popcorn, cold sodas, corn dogs and roasted peanuts will make them feel like they’re at the stadium.


Water Balloon Picnic

Let the kids have a water balloon fight in an area close enough that you can see your picnic blanket but far enough so that your food doesn’t get wet. This is perfect for a very hot day because the kids can wear their swimsuits and cool off a little.


Picnics are simple, inexpensive and versatile. You can use one of our fun picnic ideas for kids or get creative and come up with your own, based on things your kids love. Next time you want to do something fun that does not cost a whole lot of money, have a picnic with your kids and it just might become a regular family outing.

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