Pins Marked As Spam – How to Avoid Having Your Pinterest Account Blocked

I recently noticed a HUGE decline in my Pinterest traffic and I was not gaining any new followers, so I started to investigate to figure out what the problem could be. Since Pinterest is my #1 source for traffic I was shocked to see when I was getting close to nothing from them as a referral in my analytics.

How to avoid getting your Pinterst account blocked

When I went into my Pinterest account I saw that everything that I had pinned that day had 0 repins. This is extremely odd for my account because I normally get about 15 repins and upwards of 50 on every single pin. At first, I thought that maybe I was just seeing the effects of the new Smart Feed and Pinterest algortihms. Which, by the way, made me start to panic. I had spent so much time building my Pinterest account for it to just stop sending traffic one day. I knew something had to be wrong.

I let it go two days to see if maybe I was just having a ‘bad’ day, which I knew was strange since it happened on a Sunday, and Sundays are always really high traffic days for traffic coming from Pinterest.

I immediately contacted Pinterest to see if there was a problem with my account. Thankfully they have awesome Customer Service and got back to me the same day. After emailing back and forth a few times I was given this response:

“I’m sorry about that! It looks like your account was hidden because some of your Pins were reported as spam. I reviewed and made your account public. To avoid this in the future I recommend not Pinning the same image or unrelated content to multiple group boards. This is often viewed as spammy behavior.”

Even though I was not shown a pop-up saying my pins were blocked or marked as spam like other bloggers, my account was still hidden. This was surprising to me. I did not know that Pinterest could/would just ‘hide’ your account or not have it public. But, it made sense because it meant no one was seeing my pins. I am VERY happy that I contacted them to see what the problem was because who knows if they would have ‘un-hidden’ my account.

I am not sure if it was because I had pinned the same pin to multiple boards or if it was because someone marked my pins as spam. I am guilty of pinning the same pin to some of my more popular group boards because I wanted to promote the new posts I would put up everyday. From now on I am going to give it time in-between pins when I want to pin the the same pin to different boards.

The tough part now is it seems like it is taking forever for my account to get back to how it used to be with both repins and traffic. It is a slow process, but at least my pins are being seen to my followers again.

One of my friends Becky from Your Modern Family had a similar situation happen with pins being marked as spam. Have you ever had a similar problem with your Pinterest account being blocked or hidden?


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  1. Addi, this was really helpful to me as a new blogger. I have been pinning my pin for the day to the group boards…in a row. Luckily I am not part of tons of group boards….I will DEFINITELY be changing that habit starting now! I didn’t realize how it appears to others. Thanks for sharing!
    Jamie recently posted..Ledge Decor…a Family Room UpdateMy Profile

    1. Hi Jamie! Glad this could help. I used to always do that too. I am not sure if it is Pinterest that sees it as spammy or board owners/followers? Either way I do not want to do anything that may come off as spammy to get my account hidden again.

  2. Hi Addi,

    Your post is the only one I’ve found about this frustrating problem! I’m not even a blogger and I’ve been locked out of Pinterest for a MONTH for pinning images too quickly from my favorite fabric site. Unfortunately, unlike you I have not been able to get a response from customer support. Do you have any tips for contacting them? I’ve used the blank support form and always get a standard reply but no actual human contact. This is so aggravating.

    Any tips would be appreciated! Thank you!

  3. I am having the same problem! I am a brand new blogger and I usually pin one image from each new post to each group board that I am a part of! Now, every time I try to pin from my site I get a message saying that the link has been blocked because it may be spam! Maybe I was pinning too much too fast, but I didn’t realize I would be blocked! Now I am wondering if my account is also hidden because I cant see any of my pins on any of my group boards! I am trying to contact Pinterest but they are not getting back to me!

  4. It happened to me today. Hope to get a proper answer …why. was really shocked. The truth is I repinrepind quite lot. Didn’t know that could be wrong. I am really disappointed .

    1. I have gotten blocked, they because it is spam!! I have never seen this I was trying to get ideas for my son’s 22nd birthday, I did get far at all maybe read 1/2 an article did not even pin it! I did write to the when I was emailed. I really hope to get reinstated as it is important to me. I pin things like exercise, cocktails, hair growth, etc. I don’t share them as they are for my family and myself. Please I need help!!

  5. Thank you for taking the time to post about this issue. This happened to me last week. My entire website was blocked for “inappropriate content,” which obviously I don’t have any inappropriate content. Unfortunately, I have not received a response from them yet and I don’t think I will. They didn’t even take the time to notify me of their action, tell me why they did it or give me an opportunity to fix whatever the problem was. I spend a year in a half working hard to build up my blog and community and they destroy it in a matter of seconds. It really sucks. Blogging was something that I really loved to do. Anyway, I’m glad you were able to get it resolved though 🙂

  6. Thank you for writing about Pinterest accounts being banned or becoming invisible. The challenge as the writer above expressed it is that one ends up with behaviour that is not acceptable. Such as creating multiple accounts and using various pc’s and phones and Raspberry Pi’s to pin to those accounts. I want to operate within the guidelines as I first only used Pinterest as a marketing tool, but I think I am now addicted to the content.
    I had one of my accounts banned last week, indicating that I am duplicating content. The strange thing was that this account had the most unique content of all my accounts. If I placed all my eggs in one basket a significant portion of my revenue would have been lost.

    I had a look at the Alexa rankings and I see the number of Pinterest users are declining month on month. I suspect that it might have something to do with the banning of accounts of normal social members. Yahoo is not known for it’s profitable decisions, maybe this clampdown will negatively affect the value Pinterest has for consumer and marketer alike.

  7. I use Pinterest to save pins in boards by interest topic or theme.
    Many educational and tutorial pins and creative/project pins. My interests and practices are broad it’s helpful to have them organised for quick and easy reference yet I hit pin blocks just trying to sort them . Seems a lot of people report pins with no common sense reasoning behind their actions.
    Shocked to learn in using Pinterest I can’t just do it for myself and my own purpose but must satisfy “pin etiquette” lol Seriously feel like a chicken with a clipped wing in a hen house of a social nitpicking gossiping board of overseers 🙁 very annoying. Is there a way I can make my profile private? So I can pin and resource in peace without being pinblocked.? Does marking all your boards private stop it ?

  8. I stumbled upon this trying to figure out how to unblock things that I want to see. With the new update as I’m scrolling on my mobile phone I find that I’m blocking things without meaning to do it or marking them as spam I don’t know. Hopefully that’s not what is causing you ladies such issues. I can’t even find a way to unblock or unmark things as spam! Best of luck!

  9. I don’t know why i was blocked from following an account in Pin? Have it ever happened to you? Hope to hear your advice!

  10. Have you or anyone else out there figured out what the unspoken rules are on pinning and not appearing “spammy”? I got suspended but have not been told what I did wrong or how to rectify the situation going forward. My account has been reactivated but I’m just worried about it getting suspended again.

  11. Great blog post . Wish my account was hidden like yours instead it was suspended. Everything was goin fine until I subscribed to tailwind which provides the option for posting the same pin to multiple boards. Being new and all to this app I went crazy and one day I couldn’t log in to my Pinterest account. Upon contacting Pinterest I was told that I violated TOS and that my account will not be reactivated . Further investigation showed me the errors of my ways. So now am starting fresh. Now I know what they consider spamming, I will be on my Ps and Qs. Have a great day!

  12. I just found this post! I was horrified to see that my Pinterest monthly views went from 12 thousand to a little over 300, and still dropping! I tried to contact them three times with no answer. I also had two ads rejected. Again, no answer when I contacted them. I’m so frustrated! I did not get any notification that I was suspended or anything like that. I’ve gotten nothing at all. I don’t know what to do about this because they won’t answer me.

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